Diet sophie loren

Sophia Loren the subject of admiration is not one generation. As a star of world cinema, it has been possible for many years to keep yourself in shaperead in our material.

Sophia Loren – already 80 years old, however, despite her age, she still boasts an excellent figure and well-being. However, the actress throughout the life of watching the figure. What is her secret?


Sophia Loren is sure that it is easier not to run the figure than to repair it later. Therefore, her philosophy of life is that you should not allow yourself to overeat and gain weight. This does not mean that the actress limits herself to nutrition all her life – no. She, like all Italians loves to eat. Simply Loren eats in small portions, and also includes in the diet more vegetables and fruits, while not giving up favorite foods.

In the diet, Sophie never had snacks. She does not smoke, drinks only freshly squeezed juices and eats freshly prepared food. Also, every month she goes on a three-day diet, which for many years has repeatedly proved its effectiveness.

The essence of the diet – in tight control of calories that can be eaten at one meal. Also in these three days should be abandoned smetannyh and cheese sauces, replacing them with vegetables. The basis of the diet are, of course, pasta, without which Sophia Loren simply cannot imagine her life.

Diet sophie loren


First day

Breakfast: 150 grams of orange juice, boiled egg.

Dinner: vegetable salad, 100 grams of baked turkey with cheese.

Dinner: 130 grams of pasta with shrimp (shrimp can be added to taste), spinach salad.

When cooking shrimp, use olive oil. For dessert, you can eat one peach.

Second day

Breakfast: muesli with skimmed milk (in total, you should get a portion, volume with a standard cup).

Dinner: salad of vegetables and cheese.

Dinner: 130 grams of pasta with chicken (fillet), green salad. For dessert, you can eat one pear.

The third day

Breakfast: toast with low-fat cheese.

Diet sophie loren

Dinner: 120 grams of chicken salad.

Dinner: 150 grams lasagna (cheese should be low-fat), green salad. For dessert, you can eat one apple.

Pasta for the Sophia Loren diet should be of good quality and always of durum wheat.

Interestingly, in addition to the proposed diet, Sophia Loren in order to be beautiful always, adheres to a number of rules. In particular, it starts every morning with a light charge. Every day in her diet there is a portion of yogurt with beer yeast, a day later Sophie eats pineapple. Also, Loren takes a cold shower every day, which is very useful for maintaining the shape of the breast. In addition, the actress tries to stay up no later than 11 pm, which in her opinion is very important for the beauty of the skin.

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