Diet lose weight fast

Good day, dear visitors. Glad to see you on the pages of our resource. Unfortunately, we did not have time, and the collections of diets have not been published for almost 2 weeks, which, of course, distresses both you and us. Well. We want to correct the situation, so we are publishing a new entry. In this article we will look at ten effective diets for quick weight loss. Some of them will be based on the previous ones, some of which you will learn for the first time.


Here, it seems, I just started writing, but already tired like a horse, I need to eat, go, pour tea … And here I am, I sit with tea and print this article. As a preface, I want to say that all fast ways of losing weight are based on strict diets, and can adversely affect your health, so before you go on one of these diets, I recommend consulting with your doctor. If you are your own doctor, then you can safely read the following text.

Diet lose weight fast

Easy diet for quick weight loss. Diet number 1

Let’s start with a light diet, perhaps it is right for you. She is perhaps the most gentle of all provided in this article. We will lose weight with tea.

It is proved that green tea is not just a tonic drink, but also a product quite rich in protein (the protein content in high-quality green tea reaches 20%).

The essence of the easy "tea" diet consists in the daily use of green tea, at least 5 times a day. Naturally, tea should be real, not the one that is sold in bags on the cheap. In addition to tea, you can eat fruits and vegetables, protein foods (fish, legumes, lean meat), but in moderation.

If you can’t drink classic green tea already, you can try another option: brew tea with milk. The calorie content of such a drink still remains low, you can even add honey. As a result, we get a dietary product that contains many useful substances and vitamins: a balanced combination of proteins / fats / carbohydrates, mineral substances (in particular calcium), vitamins of group B, vitamin C and

The course of such a diet should be no more than two weeks, and the frequency – no more than 2 times a year.

Diet for very fast weight loss. Diet number 2

With the help of this diet for weight loss you will lose weight very fast. Therefore, she is called by me. It is designed for 3 days, and for dumping up to 4 kg,

First day Breakfast: boiled egg – 1 pc., Orange juice – 200g.

Lunch: vegetable salad with slices of turkey (approximately 60 g) and cheese (low-fat), lettuce leaves. For dessert, an apple.

Dinner: pasta with shrimps – 115g., Spinach salad (low-calorie dressing).

The second day Breakfast: cereal flakes (wholemeal) pour skim milk.

Lunch: the same as for breakfast. For dessert pear.

Dinner: Spaghetti and meatballs from lean turkey, if desired – lettuce leaves.

The third day Breakfast: dried bagel with cheese (low-fat).

Lunch: Green salad with boiled chicken – 115g. For dessert 2 peaches.

Dinner: Low-fat cheese lasagna, green salad (lean dressing).

Diet Valley for quick weight loss. Diet number 3

One day before Valley diets exclude from the diet sweet, mustard, mayonnaise, pastries, seasonings, fatty and spicy dishes.

Go to the vegetarian menu: vegetables, berries and fruits.

In addition to juice, you can drink mineral water and green tea.

During the fast Valley diet, you need to drink about 2-3 liters of juice. Drink the juice should be gradually – 1 glass (200 ml) as soon as you want to eat or eat. In addition to juice, drink tea and clean water.

To diet passed without complications on the pancreas, juice diluted with clean water. You can also add

Diet for quick weight loss legs. Diet number 4

This diet is perfect for those who are obese legs, thighs, legs.

First, for weight loss legs, you will need to do exercises – squats, athletic walking, or jogging, as well as for the legs (as well as for the whole body) jumping rope will be very useful.

And, of course, you need to follow the following diet:

  • Breakfast is not earlier than 8 am – 250 ml of green tea or coffee with 1 teaspoon of sugar.
  • at 11 o’clock you can eat 1 egg and 7-8 plums, or as many prunes.
  • at 14 o’clock – 200 g boiled chicken, 1 apple or 1 orange. 150 g of cabbage and carrot salad.
  • at 17 o’clock – 1 orange or 1 apple, 50 g of hard cheese.
  • At dinner, which should be no later than 20 hours – a glass of low-fat kefir.

Only strictly following these instructions, a diet for quick weight loss of the legs will work for you, not against you. You can leave it immediately as you see fit.

Diet for losing weight belly (fast). Diet number 5

Fast diet slimming belly – This is a potato diet that promotes weight loss, improves metabolism and cleans the intestines.

Duration of the diet can be from 7 days to 15 days. If you are going to stick to a diet for more than 7 days, then you need to add 1 hard-boiled egg to the daily ration. For a week – minus 4 – 6 kilograms.

Daily ration: Unpeeled potatoes (preferably young) –

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