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Practically everyone is familiar with starvation diets, exhausting workouts and magic diet pills. But despite the cult of a beautiful body, the problem of excess weight does not lose relevance. Are you looking for an effective and safe way that will lead you to the ideal? Having mastered the proper diet for each day, you will easily come in shape and keep the desired amount for life.

Proper nutrition for every day is easier than it seems!

Eating right is not only useful!

Proper nutrition for every day has many advantages.

  1. Complete lack of hunger. No longer need to endure a stomach ache, tiredness and headaches. You will always have options for a healthy snack in case of a sudden famine.
  2. The ability to independently plan their own healthy food menu for each day. More you will not have awkward situations in the cafe and at a party. You can always find something that fits into your program.
  3. Lack of rigid frames. The program does not imply categorical prohibitions. Despite the existing list of recommendations, you can always adapt it to your taste preferences.

But proper nutrition for every day has disadvantages, oddly enough. The only drawback of the system presented below is its long term. A healthy diet does not involve haste. It will not help you lose all those extra pounds in a short time, but will allow you to consolidate and maintain the results achieved. If you want to speed up the process a little, start practicing fitness or go through a special massage course.

Planning a useful menu

Healthy eating for every day implies the presence of 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% fat on your menu.

What is a healthy diet for every day? Modern nutritionists believe the right diet, which includes 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% fat with a total caloric content of 1800 kcal for women and from 2100 for men, depending on the level of daily activity. In addition, such a menu should include all the vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantities.

Such recommendations do not mean at all that you need to immediately start a notebook, pick up a calculator, and meticulously calculate the nutritional value of each piece eaten. It is much more convenient to use the ideas given below. Just select one of the meal options. Try to make your healthy food every day as varied as possible. Do not repeat your favorite dishes more than once every 3 days.

Breakfast options

  1. Porridge on water or skim milk with dried fruit and a small handful of nuts. Alternate with buckwheat, rice and millet porridge.
  2. A wholegrain bread sandwich, boiled chicken breast or lightly salted salmon, lettuce, tomatoes, low-fat cheese and greens. A glass of yogurt or any other fermented milk drink.
  3. Omelette of 4 proteins and 2 yolks with greens. Fruit salad.
  4. A large portion of cottage cheese with sour cream, jam and fresh fruit.
  5. Seasonal fruit soup and light sour cream.

Diet healthy food

  1. Goulash from soy meat. Boiled wholegrain macaroni with low-fat cheese.
  2. Baked cauliflower breaded semolina, 10% cream and egg white.
  3. Low-fat vegetable lasagna.
  4. Vegetable cream soup with rice.
  5. Low-fat rolls or a few pieces of vegetarian pizza.
  1. Stewed vegetables with pieces of boiled chicken breast.
  2. Seafood with boiled brown rice.
  3. Vegetable omelette from 4 proteins and 2 yolks with greens.
  4. Cottage cheese casserole and vegetable salad.
  5. Boiled beef with baked vegetables.

Snacks (you can choose any 2 points)

  1. A glass of kefir with 1

    Use natural food, refraining from industrial products.

    What is better to refuse

    As you already understood, the main advantage of proper nutrition for every day is the ability to independently create your own menu. But this does not mean at all that you can replace the healthy breakfast variant with a similar in calorie chocolate. Moreover, there are foods that you have to avoid.

    Healthy food every day imposes a ban on:

    • dry mixes for breakfasts, including most types of muesli (read the composition carefully);
    • white bread and pastry;
    • chocolate bars and confectionery;
    • crackers, chips and other fast food;
    • ready sauces;
    • nectars and unnatural juices;
    • carbonated drinks and their dietary substitutes;
    • alcohol (only one glass of dry wine is allowed for dinner 1-2 times a week).
    • This list of products is advisory. If you are a sweet tooth and absolutely can not imagine your life without your favorite buns, start small. Replace them with homemade pastries with a reduced amount of butter and sugar. The situation is the same with fast food. Try to find useful alternatives!

      If you are off the diet, do not quit what you have started and do not think about starting over again from Monday. Continue the program as if nothing had happened, slightly adjusting the fat content and caloric content of the following meals.

      Thus, a healthy diet for every day is a real way to achieve the figure of your dreams without harm to health!

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      About a month ago I began to train, but I didn’t want to switch to proper nutrition, because it seemed to me poor. But, as I read this article, I changed my mind and decided to use this diet. Thank you for the article!

      This is not a diet, but a lifestyle.

      Great site. Very useful information, just sat with a notebook and outlined. For me, this site is an impetus for a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. Thanks to the creators!

      Where is the meat in your description ?!

      A very useful article, I began to work remotely from home, I started to gain weight, went on a diet, so all the time hunger and discontent with everything. And here you can eat normally and enjoy life. You can lose weight on a diet, and then this food for every day as a basis to take and weight will not return. And if someone loves meat, then quite 100 grams of lean meat at lunch can be eaten. And there in one of the breakfasts is indicated chicken breast.

      Healthy and proper nutrition!

      Very good article. Thank. I have been eating this way for a long time, and when I need to lose weight, I connect more sports and do not eat after 18:00. Extra pounds go quickly and for a long time.

      The compiler of such a diet is clearly not familiar with the concept of "proper nutrition". Do not get fooled, just add in weight from such "correctness".

      Thank you for your comment! Getting constructive criticism is always helpful. We will be glad if you share your point of view on this issue and write a detailed opinion. We believe that it will be interesting not only for us, but also for our readers. We, in turn, will modify the material with pleasure, if with your help we see an opportunity to make it better # 128578;

      When I started to work, the weight began to fall. I even eat after 18-00 so as not to lose it somehow, and as a result, not to tire more. At work, I constantly have to think (work like this), but apparently my not rested brain does not receive the proper amount of oxygen and I simply start to “slow down”. I am looking for on the Internet "proper nutrition" and stumble upon some diets. Maybe the authors of the site will be able to help with something. Maybe there is some kind of right diet that properly fills the brain with oxygen? I will be very grateful!

      Let’s start with milk and dairy products … They contain completely unnecessary growth hormones and cow bodies, which lead to a whole bunch of health problems. Cheese … almost solid fat. Do not forget to note that 75% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant. Of course, marketers very competently recommended dairy production, but there are more damages from it in every sense than good. If you included it in the diet, it should contain the daily rate of not weak physical. loads (for dairy products, muscles like yeast, and if without training .. in fat) and … loperamide with nose. The experiments were carried out on myself, +5 pounds (milk and sour milk in moderate quantities, lack of fasting, sweet and flour) for a couple of weeks, for the same couple of weeks I regained weight, but especially on cereals, fruits and vegetables. Boiled beef … you yourself probably know that in most parameters in terms of weight loss, it is much inferior to chicken and it’s better to eat less meals like this dinner … It’s better to add “homemade cooking” to the word “jam”, because for most people who buy it, they have eyes on their foreheads. The rest is quite suitable diet)

      Fully agree, nonsense, not a diet. And they write with such a smart look, and then people cripple everything even worse.

      In my opinion, breakfast is too weak, but in the morning you need to eat more and not be afraid of complex carbohydrates and so on. Cottage cheese is a source of proteins, proteins are needed in the late afternoon, it is more likely for dinner.

      Not eating after 18 is useless. But not to eat two hours before bedtime is another conversation.

      Thank you for your comment! We will also be happy if you share your point of view and write a detailed opinion on this issue, or your diet option.

      But to drop huskies from my commentary and commentary of the girl was completely ugly)

      On the contrary, we like to those of our readers who take the time to leave a comment. # 128578; After all, having a discussion under the material is always great! More than 10 thousand readers come to us daily, so do not worry, ratings will be added regularly # 128578;

      It’s amazing that disappeared immediately after your comment)

      With a large number of users online it happens. They put the girl a plus sign # 128578; We can not put another plus sign, since it was ours, and only one comment rating is possible from one account, so ask the moderator # 128578; We will be glad to see you again on the pages of our site!

      Good afternoon, Sergey! Very interesting question, thanks! Let’s divide it into two parts:

      Diet healthy food

      1. You lose weight. 2. You notice that the brain began to work worse.

      As for the first question, it can be answered as follows: a person loses weight either when he spends more calories than he receives from food, or with health problems.

      If your weight loss is severe and severe, you should consult with your doctor. No general information will replace the information obtained as a result of analyzing your particular situation.

      If the weight began to leave after changing the mode of operation, you should increase the caloric intake. Sometimes you can earn so that there is no time to eat, uncomfortable, and there is nothing. Think over this moment. If there is no cafeteria or cafe at work, take food with you in containers. If it is already inconvenient, you can in the extreme case take snacks with you or buy a gainer, breed and drink during the day. For productive mental work in your diet should be a sufficient amount of carbohydrates.

      Now the second question is about the work of the brain. It is difficult to answer it unequivocally, since there can be many reasons. If your diet has not fundamentally changed, pay attention to other factors (it is not necessary only in nutrition):

      ► If you have sedentary work, in order to normalize blood circulation, periodically you need to take short breaks and be sure to move. At least just a few minutes to walk. This will have a beneficial effect not only on the work of the brain, but also on the rest of the organism.

      ► Read the materials on the organization of the workflow and choose for yourself a convenient mode of work and rest, apply time management techniques. Perhaps, if you optimize the workload, you will be able to allocate more time for breaks and this will help to solve the problem. The human brain cannot remain at its peak of productivity throughout the day.

      ► If your job is related to stressors, think about how to reduce stress.

      ► Pay attention to small, seemingly insignificant factors. How often is the room where you work aired? How well does the ventilation work and how is the lighting organized? Poorly organized workplace, working conditions and hygiene can significantly reduce productivity. Simply put, in a stuffy, dark and noisy office, we inevitably begin, as you say, to “slow down”.

      ► Sleep is also very important. Do you have enough time to sleep to recover?

      The list goes on. Try to analyze such factors and, most likely, you will successfully solve the problem. Of course, there cannot be universal recommendations, nor can there be two identical organisms.

      It will be great if you share your thoughts on this. Perhaps it will help you something else.

      In any case, you successfully achieve goals and excellent health! # 128578;

      Everyone says that there are three – food poison – sugar, salt, trans fats – about sugar substitutes have been written, and salt substitutes ?? How not to eat trans fats. Where is this information.

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