Diet for the abdomen and sides

The secret to successful weight loss – in an integrated approach. Therefore, to burn fat on the abdomen, exercise alone is not enough. A great addition to training – wraps, massage and, of course, a special diet. On how to prepare a mixture for wrapping, we have already described earlier. The topic of today’s conversation – the most effective diets for losing belly and sides. What to eat in order to get rid of extra centimeters as quickly as possible?

Diet for the abdomen and sides

Option one: slowly but surely

If you do not need a week to go to the sea, and there is time, strength and desire to lose weight for sure, we recommend that you use this method. It is based on the principles of proper nutrition. The rules are simple: there are allowed products, forget about prohibited and drink one and a half to two liters of pure water every day. Now we will tell about each item more specifically.

What is forbidden

What products to exclude, to remove the stomach and sides was much easier? The list is quite impressive:

  • bread, buns, buns, cheesecakes, biscuits, pasta, and the like;
  • all sweets: candy, cakes, ice cream, cakes;
  • alcoholic beverages of all kinds;
  • potato and white rice;
  • all salted, pickled, smoked;
  • margarine and butter;
  • cola, pepsi and other sweet sodas;
  • store juices.

If you can’t simultaneously give up everything at once, do it gradually. But remember: patience and a little effort! Over time, you become so accustomed to proper nutrition that you don’t want to return to your previous lifestyle.

The list of permitted products is also quite large. And in it, too, you can find a lot of tasty. So, what should be the nutrition of a woman for slimming the abdomen and sides:

  • Dairy products, better fat-free: kefir, natural yogurt, ryazhenka. They are needed in order to stabilize the work of the digestive tract.
  • Instead of sweets – apples or dried apricots. Not only tasty, but also very useful: the products contain a lot of fiber, due to which food is digested faster. Eat two apples a day – at about 11 am and 4 pm. It is advisable to choose green varieties. Eat dried apricots after dinner as a dessert – 5-6 pieces per day is enough.
  • Protein food needed to burn subcutaneous fat. Eggs, chicken, boiled lean meat and fish – all these products must be present in your diet.

Approximate diet

So, what should include a diet to remove fat from the abdomen and sides for sure? You can independently adjust your diet, guided by the tips above. Or you can use the ready-made menu:

Immediately after waking up – a glass of clean water on an empty stomach. Water must be drunk throughout the day. The main thing is that between the intake of water and food was a time period. That is, figuratively speaking, in no case should one drink the meal.

After thirty minutes – breakfast: scrambled eggs from one or two eggs, some low-fat chicken or turkey, two slices of low-fat cheese and some natural yogurt (without any additives). The second breakfast is steamed beans or buckwheat, but not more than two hundred grams. In the morning you can drink coffee or tea, but without milk and sugar.

Diet for the abdomen and sides

Snack: an apple of solid green varieties and some yogurt or kefir.

Dinner: a mug of broth with a small piece of meat itself. After the hot salad is a salad made from fresh vegetables, such as cucumber, tomato and bell pepper. You can fill with olive oil, but in any case not mayonnaise. For dessert – unsweetened tea and dried apricots.

The second snack: the same green apple. Optionally, you can replace the pepper.

Dinner: lean fish or meat, boiled without salt and other spices. Optionally, you can substitute a light seafood salad. As a side dish – sauerkraut. After the meal – unsweetened tea, better green.

For the night – a glass of low-fat kefir or a piece of boiled meat.

Option Two: if you need to act quickly

This method is less useful, but more effective. We warn you at once: it is impossible to eat this way all the time, “fast” diets will not harm you only if you use them occasionally.

So, we offer you several options for a diet for fast weight loss of the abdomen and sides, and you choose the right one. Many recommend trying out the “1200 calories” diet for emergency weight loss.

Weekly diet for slimming the abdomen and sides

Another effective way to lose weight in a week is to stick to mono diets. There are several popular types of such diets:

  • Cucumbers + kefir. On the day, you can drink a liter of low-fat kefir and eat up to a kilogram of cucumbers.
  • Apples + curd. Fruit – a maximum of four pieces, low-fat cottage cheese – no more than a kilogram.
  • Chicken breast + vegetables. Per day – no more than a kilogram of meat, to which you can add fresh vegetables and leafy salads.

Two more simple diets for slimming the abdomen and sides

And finally, we will tell you about two more monodiets – more satisfying, healthy and rich in vitamins – oatmeal and egg.

So, oatmeal diet for slimming the abdomen and sides for women – a menu for the week:

  • In the morning, at lunch and in the evening – 200-250 grams of oatmeal boiled in water.
  • As a snack between meals – any fruit, except bananas and grapes.
  • Additionally, you need to drink up to two liters of pure water, green or herbal tea daily. Any drinks – strictly half an hour before or one hour after the meal.

Get out of this diet should be gradually. During the second week, gradually enter into your diet fermented milk products, lean chicken, cereal and vegetables. Such a slow and accurate way out of the diet will help fix the result for a long time.

Another effective diet to remove the stomach and sides in a week – egg. Its essence is very simple: for 7 days, eat only eggs, fruits, vegetables and water (2 liters per day). Oil and salt are excluded, as are potatoes, grapes, bananas, figs and dates. All other vegetables and fruits – without restrictions. It is recommended to lean on oranges and grapefruits – natural fat burners. According to reviews, in seven days of such a diet, you can lose weight by as much as 5 kilograms.

Before you – all known to us recipes for slimming the abdomen and sides at home. Practice and share the results! (and do not forget about exercise # 128578;)

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