Diet for men with candidiasis

With the activity of a fungal infection on the mucous membrane and skin, candidiasis progresses. The disease is equally unpleasant for women and men, prone to chronic course. Among the therapeutic measures is the anticide diet, which prevents the development and reproduction of pathogenic flora (Candida fungi).

Rules of nutrition in men with candidiasis

A number of food products create favorable conditions for the development and reproduction of pathogenic fungi. In such a clinical case, the pathological process is complicated, candidiasis is prone to a chronic course. To avoid relapses and complications, it is important to know the rules of nutrition during exacerbation:

Candidiasis of the genital tract

  1. It is necessary to refuse sweets, any confectionery products.
  2. Exclude the consumption of preservatives, convenience foods, fast food.
  3. Food 70% should consist of plant fiber.
  4. It is important to include in the daily menu of vegetables, fruits, herbs as an additional source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants.
  5. Refuse to adhere to strict diets, regulate the ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates (BJU).

Thrush of the mouth

  1. Dishes are cooked from low-fat meats (beef), poultry (chicken, quail), vegetables, fish (sea, low-fat), eggs.
  2. Food should be consumed mainly in the form of heat, while it is important to minimize portions of salt.
  3. Nuts, beans, peas, potatoes, carrots can be consumed no more than 2 times a week.
  4. Dairy products should be skimmed, preferably preferred natural yogurt, low-fat sour cream, kefir, cottage cheese.
  5. Of the cereals, buckwheat is preferred, which contains proteins, vitamins of group B, amino acids.
  1. Under the ban are products with simple carbohydrates, alcoholic beverages, bread, convenience foods, fast food, smoked meats.
  2. It is important to minimize the content of starchy foods in the daily menu.
  3. It is recommended to eat fresh fruits, lean meat, fish, herbs, eggs.

Fungal lesion of the skin

  1. Exclude fast carbohydrates and alcohol in any quantity.
  2. Consume spices because they have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects in the body.
  3. It is recommended to choose low-fat varieties of meat and fish, dairy products, greens, cereals, natural juices from unsweetened fruits and berries.
  1. Regularly consume dairy products that contain beneficial lactobacilli.
  2. Exclude products containing yeast and sugar, as such contribute to the development of pathogenic flora.
  3. From the daily diet to exclude alcoholic beverages, baking, confectionery, sweets.
  4. Eat more foods with fiber, do not forget about the benefits of bran.

Fungal lesion of the esophagus

What you can eat with thrush

Food Choices

Diet for men with candidiasis

oats, rice, millet, buckwheat, oatmeal.

natural yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese.

Diet for men with candidiasis

beets, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli.

green apples, blueberries, sea buckthorn, cranberries.

fish, seafood, spices, butter, pumpkin seeds, legumes, sesame, spices.

What to drink

Medical diet for thrush in men includes compliance with the water regime. The patient is recommended to drink

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