Diet for liver cirrhosis table 5

Liver cirrhosis is a rapidly developing disease in which an organ loses its ability to cope with its functions partially or completely, which eventually leads to serious complications, up to atrophy. In the early stages of the disease, doctors can take action and slow down the development of complications by prescribing appropriate treatment. And one of its points is a change in diet, which we plan to talk about today.

Diet for liver cirrhosis table 5

Why it is extremely important to follow a diet

Medical nutrition is aimed at preventing the progression of the disease. It contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes, prevention of complications and increase immunity.

A balanced nutrition in case of illness is prescribed by the attending physician, who takes into account the type of cirrhosis, the degree of complications and the functional characteristics of the organ. Surgical intervention or the use of drugs is not always justified, and often can aggravate the situation, so diet is one of the best ways to help the patient without causing him additional harm. It should include a sufficient amount of protein, fat, 50% of which is of plant origin and carbohydrates. One should forget about such a mineral as salt. Instead, you can use herbs and spices in small quantities in which it is absent.

Features compensated and decompensated cirrhosis

There are compensated and decompensated cirrhosis. In the first case, the liver is in poor condition, but not fully healed and partially fulfills the functions assigned to it. Many patients with compensated cirrhosis may not notice the problem hanging over them for many years. With decompensated cirrhosis, the liver is completely incapacitated and in this case the health of the patients is in great danger.

The peculiarity of the diet in case of cirrhosis of the first type is that patients need to eat food enriched with protein from accounting for one and a half grams per 1 kg of weight. It must contain essential acids and substances that prevent fatty infiltration. You can eat the following foods:

  1. Cottage cheese;
  2. Milk;
  3. Egg white;
  4. Lean fish;
  5. Beef;
  6. Millet, oatmeal, buckwheat.

Increase the dose of protein is necessary for those with portal cirrhosis of the liver, arising from excessive consumption of alcohol, regardless of its quality, as well as if there is protein-vitamin deficiency and hepatitis A. Protein boosts immunity, stimulates the regeneration of liver cells.

With decompensated cirrhosis, it is necessary to reduce the level of proteins in food almost three times – up to thirty grams per day.

If no change in the patient’s condition is recorded, they are completely removed from the diet. The daily rate of fat – 80-90 grams, one half of which should be vegetable, the other – milk. At deterioration of health of the patient their volume should be lowered in

In the daily diet of patients with cirrhosis, carbohydrate content is allowed up to 450 grams, of which up to 100 grams are simple, which are completely excluded if the disease has developed against the background of obesity. You can eat the following foods:

  1. White and black bread;
  2. Biscuit;
  3. Jam, honey;
  4. Fresh fruit, compote of them;
  5. Kissels, puddings.

Diet for liver cirrhosis table 5

One of the most popular diets, which is aimed at maintaining the health of the liver table number 5. Let’s talk more about it.

What is table number 5?

Table 5 is a gentle medicinal diet, the peculiarity of which is that some products are strictly prohibited for faster improvement of the patient’s condition. It is developed individually for each person and contains the necessary (optimal) amount of nutrients that the body needs. Products containing anserine, carnosine, creatine, cholesterol, oxalic acid are completely removed from the menu. Meals are steamed or baked.

Diet number 5: calorie and chemical composition:

  1. Caloric content – 2800-3000 kilocalories;
  2. Fat – 90 grams, a third of which – vegetable;
  3. Carbohydrates –
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