Diet for ibs

If a person has coronary heart disease (CHD), then this will require him to change his lifestyle. And first of all it concerns food. A properly formulated diet of IHD will positively affect the entire body, will serve not only as a preventive measure for this disease, but will also play an important role in the treatment process. Patients with coronary artery disease will require strict compliance with all recommendations of the doctor in the daily choice of food.

About nutrition and diet with CHD

Coronary heart disease or CHD is a disease that requires rigorous, consistent treatment. In addition, it is necessary to comply with dietary standards in the diet. Stress, hypotension, overweight, smoking and alcohol lead to the development of coronary artery disease.

The activity of the central nervous system depends on what a person eats. For example, with a lack of protein consumed in a person’s food, stress resistance is lost. When a small amount of animal fat is consumed, activity decreases in the activity of the system responsible for blood coagulation. With an increased content of fatty acids, anxiety is observed in the cerebral cortex. As a result, for the successful treatment of coronary artery disease patients need to observe a balanced diet.

It has been proved by practice that with the help of a diet you can influence the development of the disease of CHD. Vegetable foods are rich in ballast substances. With their help, intestinal motility increases, cholesterol is better excreted from the body.

Bran bread and soy, seafood, etc., containing vitamin B6 in large quantities, also contributes to the rapid utilization of cholesterol and is characterized by excellent lipotropic properties.

For patients with coronary artery disease is characterized by a lack of B6 in the body, so it is important to include in your diet foods containing this vitamin. Also with CHD it is necessary to include seafood in its menu.

But salt should be consumed less. In addition, it is important to monitor your weight, in the presence of excess you need to adjust your diet. Mandatory in IBS diet, food should be taken more often during the day, at least five times.

About diet table for ischemic heart disease

Dietary table number 10 – a special diet for ischemic heart disease. With this diet, you can bring your weight back to normal, stabilize blood clotting, remove bad cholesterol and normalize lipid metabolism. This IHD diet will help a person in the healing process.

Diet for coronary heart disease affects the health of the patient:

  • there is a slowdown in the development of atherosclerosis;
  • blood density decreases;
  • it can help prevent the growth of blood pressure;
  • normal cholesterol;
  • positive effect on the tone of the heart muscle.

Coronary heart disease, as a rule, is accompanied by a whole bunch of associated diseases. Therefore, the doctor must adjust your diet table.

An example of nutrition in CHD according to the diet table No. 10 in the table:

  • Omelette made from 2 eggs (only proteins), add dill, parsley, etc.
  • 2 pancakes made from flour based on oatmeal.
  • Green tea 1 glass.
  • Cottage cheese (add fresh or dried fruit) 150 gr.
  • Tea 250 ml.
  • Vegetable soup 200 ml.
  • Boiled chicken meat is a small piece.
  • String beans 100 gr.
  • Bread is black.
  • Plum compote 250 ml.
  • Tea unsweetened 1 glass.
  • Black bread with cheese.
  • Any kind of fruit.

Diet for ibs

  • Boiled chicken breast 150 gr.
  • Buckwheat porridge 100 gr.
  • Fresh cucumber.
  • Rye bread.
  • Compote 1 cup.
  • Milk 1 cup.
  • Rusks 100 gr.

With ischemia of the heart, as a rule, a person suffers from overweight, so they need to do a fasting day from time to time, but only with the permission of the attending physician.

  1. The day of unloading for CHD on the basis of apples includes cheesecakes made from 100 gr. cottage cheese and 200 gr. apples. You can cook 200 gr. apple salad with low-fat yogurt. 2 times a day, eat 100 grams. lean cooked meat.
  2. When the bottom of the discharge with IHD using a sour-milk diet,
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