Diet for duodenal ulcer and gastritis

Proper nutrition for stomach ulcers, can be varied and tasty. Customized diet contributes to recovery.

Eating often and in small portions, a gradual transition to the usual products, helps to restore the integrity of the mucous membrane. The main daily meal should be porridge for stomach ulcers. They are easily processed, envelop the walls without irritating them, contain the necessary list of useful elements.

Diet during exacerbation and remission

Exacerbation of gastric ulcer means a violation of the protective sheath. Open sores should be protected from aggressive gastric acid. This can make food. First of all, properly cooked porridge. Cereals should:

  • Digest quickly.
  • Envelop the stomach.
  • Contain beneficial substances.
  • Restore energy.

Diet for duodenal ulcer and gastritis

These qualities have porridge, the first in baby food:

In the period of acute gastric ulcers, they should be boiled in water, without salt, and made liquid. Helping the action of drugs will be ground, or whipped with a blender, porridge without salt, lumps, warm. During the remission period, the cereals can be boiled on milk, and you can add pureed boiled vegetables. Salt for taste is minimal. The dish is better to salt ready, before use.

Buckwheat dishes are full of useful elements.

According to the content of nutrients among the croup, buckwheat is the leader in gastric ulcer. It contains:

  • Amino acids.
  • Vitamins.
  • Mineral salts.
  • Trace elements

The number and composition of amino acids is similar to meat. But they are more accessible to the body form, are not bound by fiber and are easily digested. It is amino acids that contribute to the creation of new tissues by spreading minerals through the blood. It is recommended to eat buckwheat during an exacerbation. Prepare it on the water, wipe. The resulting product should be homogeneous, liquid.

During remission, buckwheat porridge is boiled with milk, or it can be added to the finished dish. Diversify the menu with butter, vegetable and fruit puree, which was wiped after peeling. Products are added to the finished dish before use. Prepare, for a stomach ulcer, buckwheat milk soup and vegetable puree.

Boiled rice cleans the stomach

Can black and red rice with an ulcer? The product turns out as a result of processing, contains harmful substances. Benefit will bring only white polished rice. When cooking, it releases starch that envelops the walls. Due to its structure, rice has an absorptive capacity, removes toxins from the intestines, slags, restores motility.

Prepared semi-liquid pureed rice porridge must be eaten during the period of exacerbation. Groats contain protein in an easily digestible form, it is processed, envelops the walls, protecting them from irritation and promoting the healing of damaged tissues. Protein is the main material in the construction of cells. It comes directly to the tissues and contributes to the overgrowing of wounds.

Is it possible to cook various dishes from rice with an ulcer? Need to! Steamed croquettes, side dishes, soups and porridges with the addition of vegetables, fruits, fish.

Semolina and oatmeal restore after exacerbation

Oatmeal, boiled on water, wiped, semi-liquid, is necessary for nutrition during an exacerbation of an ulcer, during medication and after surgery. When boiling, starch and protein are released. They form mucus that protects the walls of the stomach. During the recovery period, you should prepare a liquid porridge, wipe it through a sieve to prevent the ingress of the shell and solid particles. It is better to use whole, cleaned grain.

The semolina does not have a shell, it boils loose quickly. The content of fiber and vitamins in it contributes to the rapid recovery of strength, especially if the porridge is cooked in milk with the addition of butter. Is it possible to eat porridge during exacerbation? Only cooked on water, with the addition of a small amount of milk, liquid and warm, without salt.

Porridge of semolina and oatmeal are considered the main product for the disease and treatment of gastric ulcers. After treatment, they should be regularly included in the diet. You can cook with milk, add butter, steamed vegetables, steam cutlets, fish.

Is it possible dishes from hard cereals

Dishes prepared from hard cereals are processed for a long time, provoking an increase in the acid content in gastric juice. Coarse membranes can irritate and scratch the surface of the stomach. You should avoid cereals and soups with cereals:

  • Corn.
  • Rice is not polished.
  • Perlovka.
  • Wheat whole and crushed.
  • Millet.

Containing a large amount of fiber, the stomach digests millet stomach for a long time. It causes a feeling of heaviness. The rough shell injures the delicate walls, causing the formation of ulcers. Is it possible to prepare it for a patient with an ulcer and how to do it. Boil on the water until fully prepared, so that the grains are turned, rub and add stewed carrots, apples, pumpkin. Cook no more than 2 times a week, when the patient feels good. Eat better for lunch.

Even young corn in their heads stew for more than 2 hours. Groats are made from ripe, hard grains. After long treatment, they remain rough, they are not processed, they traumatize the walls of the stomach and intestines, and violate peristalsis.

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