Diet for diarrhea in adults

The importance of proper diet for diarrhea

Properly organized treatment is necessary to get rid of diarrhea. However, it is impossible to count on its effectiveness without complying with the prescriptions of the diet. A diet is needed to restore the full functioning of the intestine and restore its microflora, as well as the mucous membrane. In addition, it helps to reduce the intensity of the fermentation process of the intestine. It is necessary to exclude effects on the intestines of various types of irritants, such as chemical, mechanical, thermal.

Proper diarrhea diet is half the guarantee of the success of the whole treatment. By itself, diarrhea can cause numerous inconveniences and experiences. In case of diarrhea, the general intestinal functionality is disturbed and its proper diet is restored and diarrhea is directed.

Very often with diarrhea, people go to extremes and stop eating altogether. This should not be done. With diarrhea, a proper diet should be built on frequent meals in small portions. It is very important to establish the right balance of food intake, eliminating from the nutrient diet those that can harm the stomach and cause the continuation of diarrhea.

Diet for diarrhea in adults: foods

Eating with diarrhea is necessary often, about every three hours. Meals should pick up light, need to eat small portions. In this case, special attention should be paid to products that can cause the process of fermentation in the body. They should definitely be excluded from the diet. Since diarrhea fluid is expelled from the body in large quantities, its balance should be replenished due to abundant drinking.

In the event of diarrhea, it is mandatory to eat such products:

  • boiled hard boiled eggs;
  • for high-quality bonding action requires the use of rice broth;
  • low fat fish;
  • meat broths;
  • porridge made from rice and oats;
  • vegetable puree, carrot soups, as well as soups made from broccoli, zucchini, beets and asparagus;
  • white bread crackers;
  • baked meat of low fat content;
  • Kissels made from blueberries, pears or quinces;
  • decoction on the basis of dried fruit, additionally diluted with water;
  • low strength tea containing tannins.

To retain fluid in the body, all food must be salted. To replenish the fluid balance in the body should drink more fluids.

Diet for diarrhea in adults: menu

Creating a menu for diarrhea in an adult, you need to follow the rules of rational nutrition. They suggest eating a large amount of energy in the morning. At this time, human metabolic processes are proceeding with greater force. The basis of such food are carbohydrates of various types.

You can determine the following guidelines for creating a menu.

Soups used as a first course should not be too fat. Their basis should be vegetables. Less often you can eat broths based on mushrooms, fish and meat. Their proper preparation consists in using first one water for cooking, which is then drained and new water is added. The resulting stock for broth is tasty and nutritious, but there is little fat in it. You can add cooked cereals and vegetables to the soups, as well as lean meatballs.

In the preparation of main dishes, you can use any meat products with low fat content. These include chicken, veal, rabbit meat, as well as beef and river fish. In its pure form, you can only eat boiled meat with fibers removed from it. Recommended dishes from minced meat, cooked by hand. Boiled croup is added to it.

Oatmeal, buckwheat and rice cereals are best for garnish. After thorough cooking, they should be thoroughly cleaned. Vegetables are good for garnish, but they should be boiled or baked, they should not be eaten raw.

Sugar needs to be eaten in limited quantities. It can be added to tea in limited quantities, confectionery products should not be. You can eat jelly and fruit puree. Quince, pear, cherry-tree and apples have a soothing effect on the walls of the stomach and intestines.

Drink a lot. The main part of the drinking menu should be drinks based on non-mineral water. Teas, compotes and herbal teas are recommended. In addition, you can drink non-acidic juice, previously diluted with water. Also noteworthy is the need to drink rice-based decoction. It has a good binding effect. Good help with diarrhea infusions of chamomile, hawthorn, wormwood, rosehip, mint and pomegranate peels. Recommended drink from chicory, teas are preferred green or black.

Chronic adult diarrhea diet

Chronic form of diarrhea can cause ulcers of the colon. Also, the cause may be Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, as well as other inflammatory diseases.

Symptoms of the disease are stool disorders, nausea combined with severe abdominal pain, and dehydration. Cases of fever and vomiting may be noted. In the fecal masses may be marked blood veinlets.

A diet with chronic diarrhea in an adult helps to normalize the functioning of the intestines. Also, the diet improves the intestinal microflora and the functional state of the digestive system. There is a recovery in the body’s water-salt balance.

Diet for diarrhea in adults

Adult Diet Table

Products that rely on adult diarrhea are:

  • scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs;
  • thoroughly grated curd;
  • from fruits, fresh bananas, quince in boiled and baked form, as well as apples;
  • vegetable puree, broth and chicken and fish soups;
  • cereal cereals, preferably rice, rubbed and in the form of mucus;
  • white bread or bran;
  • low-fat fish and chicken cutlets;
  • lean beef meatballs;
  • mashed carrots and carrots in a grated form;
  • various broths and compotes.

When diarrhea in an adult, the following types of foods are prohibited for use:

  • fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as berries;
  • gray and black bread;
  • dairy products;
  • high fat products;
  • pickled foods, pickles and canned foods;
  • sauces, spices, spices.

Diet for diarrhea has no contraindications and side effects. However, one should not use such food in order to combat obesity.

Diet for diarrhea in adults

Diet for acute diarrhea in adults

Acute form of diarrhea is sufficient reason to revise the diet and make changes to it. It is always accompanied by a drop in the patient’s appetite, which means that one should not additionally burden the irritated organism with spices and pickles.

Diet for diarrhea in adults

In the acute form of diarrhea, the main danger is the dehydration of the body, so you should observe an enhanced drinking regime. Also, the body loses in acute diarrhea many salts and trace elements, the completion of which is also necessary.

It is necessary to drink the more, the more pronounced the symptoms of diarrhea. Normal dosage is two glasses of liquid in half an hour. In the event that diarrhea occurs on the background of vomiting, the liquid should be drunk in small sips and very often. Suitable for drinking water plain or slightly mineralized, herbal teas, as well as black tea, decoction of raspberry leaf. In addition, doctors are recommended as drinking teas based on black currant, blueberry or apple juice.

It helps well in the acute form of diarrhea decoction of honey, salt and soda. Restores the balance of salts in the body, as well as lost fluid.

From solid foods should eat bananas or porridge in small quantities. It should be noted that in the case of acute diarrhea, the most important is compliance with the drinking regime. Food is much less important.

Nutrition for adult diarrhea after antibiotics

Diarrhea is a frequent complication of taking antibiotics. The reason for this is the destruction of intestinal microflora with antibiotics. Best of all in such cases help drugs that normalize the functioning of the intestine. However, a qualitative correction of the situation is achieved by observing a nutritious diet.

It is recommended that such a sequence of medical nutrition for diarrhea in an adult after taking antibiotics.

In the first two days you should eat steamed omelette, rice porridge and drink broths from the berries. Also recommended puddings from cereals, jellies and jellies.

From the third to the fifth day it is recommended to add meat to the diet. These can be steamed meat and meatballs, as well as meatballs. In addition, you can drink herbal teas, compotes made from quince and apples, as well as to eat lean soups.

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