Diet for cystitis in women

In our article we will tell you what should be the diet for cystitis in women. The menu, how to make correctly, will also be shown. We give tips on what can be added to the diet. We also indicate which products it is better not to use at the time when the treatment of cystitis in women. The diet with this disease is quite tough, since various forbidden goodies are excluded from it.

And what is cystitis? This is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder. There are acute cystitis and chronic.

Such a disease can have different causes. There are several types of cystitis:

Diet for cystitis in women

  1. Infectious.
  2. Chemical.
  3. Allergic.
  4. Post-radiation and other forms.

Cystitis may cause the fair sex of any age group. If a woman has this disease in the body, this means that she needs to adhere to special recommendations on nutrition. In no case can not be taken lightly to the diet with cystitis, as it plays an important role in the healing process.

There are the most common causes of this disease. These include:

  1. Hypothermia of the body, especially in the autumn and winter season.
  2. Constipation that has bothered a person for a long time.
  3. Long sitting in one place. As a rule, it is associated with work at the table. This type of activity is often occupied by women. This category mainly includes office workers.

Cystitis in women: symptoms and treatment, diet

Improper diet increases the possibility of the development of any disease in the human body. Therefore you should not eat fried, salty and fatty foods. It is also recommended to monitor the amount of food that is consumed by man. Overeating is unhealthy. Do not eat before bedtime, it also harms the body. It is better to refuse to eat a few hours before bedtime. It will be better if the dinner is light. Failure to follow the principles of proper nutrition has a special effect on the appearance of diseases such as cystitis, urethritis and pyelonephritis. Basically, cystitis manifests itself suddenly and has a bright pain syndrome.

The main symptoms of the disease:

  • pain in the suprapubic part;
  • urination frequent and painful;
  • urine turbid, sometimes with blood;
  • a small amount of urine comes out during urination;
  • severe cystitis causes fever and nausea, and sometimes vomiting.

The danger of the disease is that it can adversely affect the work of the kidneys. Therefore, it is not necessary to start this ailment and when diagnosing it, you should immediately proceed to all possible methods of treatment. It should be said that in no case can not be self-medicated. This is due to the fact that it may not give the desired results. As a rule, therapy for cystitis involves taking antibiotics. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor in order for him to conduct the necessary examination, make a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment regimen. Next, the patient will be under the supervision of a physician. This will allow to evaluate the effectiveness of the application of health measures to the patient.

Food features. What rules should be followed?

In addition to taking special medications, a diet for women with cystitis is also necessary. The fact is that if a girl eats properly, her condition will improve a lot, namely, her pain will decrease. This is due to the fact that the process of recovery of the body will be complex. The diet for women with cystitis is based on the fact that foods that are irritants are excluded from the diet. If they are removed, they will not have a negative effect on the bladder of the woman.

Another positive point in the observance of special nutrition for cystitis is that the products that are included in the diet, contribute to the diuretic processes of the body and are antiseptics, so that bacteria are removed from the patient’s body faster. In addition to the above, there is another positive point that is associated with a restriction in the use of certain products. Due to the fact that the woman begins to monitor nutrition, the load on the kidneys is reduced. Thus, a diet for cystitis in women is also beneficial for the above organ. It is better if light foods of natural origin are included in the diet.

The bladder performs the function of excretion of unwanted substances. It is part of the urinary system of the human body. In this regard, it becomes clear that all the liquid products that a person uses, ultimately pass through the body. If a person eats incorrectly, namely, does not observe the basics of a healthy diet, then after a certain time the mucous membrane of the bladder can become inflamed. It is said that each has its own characteristics of the organism. They are influenced by many factors. Some people for a long time eat properly and do not suffer from any diseases associated with the bladder. And others are subject to such ailment as cystitis. In any case, you should not hope for nature and think that your body is the strongest and nothing to it. It is always better to take preventive measures than to be treated for severe forms of any disease.

Diet for cystitis in women

In the acute form of the disease, the walls of the bladder become inflamed. In this case, a diet for women with cystitis will help cleanse and flush the bladder. This will ensure the removal of pathogenic bacteria from the body. Also such washing will prevent irritable processes of the walls of the bladder.

Diet for cystitis in women. Variants of drinks and foods that are recommended for use with this ailment

First of all, it is necessary to focus on the amount of fluid consumed in a disease such as cystitis. You need to drink two liters per day. Such a volume is recommended by doctors to improve the process of recovery in the human body. In the case when a person is worried about increased body temperature, the amount of fluid is recommended to increase. It will be better for the body if the patient drinks two and a half liters in 24 hours.

What is the best drink for cystitis?

  1. Compotes.
  2. Fruit juices.
  3. Vegetable juices.
  4. Juices or fruit drinks made from lingonberries and cranberries are considered the most beneficial for the human body, who has been diagnosed with cystitis.
  5. Mineral water, which includes chloride and calcium.
  6. Herbal teas. It is recommended to drink infusions, which include bearberry, corn silk. Also useful is kidney tea. It is better to refuse the use of tea with sugar. If you want to drink the usual black, then you need to make it weak.

Healthy foods

With regard to the use of food, it is recommended to focus on those that have diuretic properties. Below is a list of the main recommendations of food products that can be consumed, if shown a diet for cystitis in women.

The list of products that can be consumed:

Entering additional products

Diet for cystitis and pyelonephritis in women implies that dairy products should be administered with caution in small doses.

But it is worth knowing that with their presence in the diet the healing process will be faster and better. After entering dairy products in the patient menu, you can add fish and meat. Care must be taken that the varieties are not fat. It is better if it is veal or beef, steamed or boiled. In no case do not need to eat roast pork. It is better to abandon it completely or for a certain time.

Acute form of cystitis. Peculiarities of eating and drinking

Diet for acute cystitis in women primarily involves the exclusion of such beverages as strong tea and coffee. But the liquid is better than pure water or fruit drinks, you need to drink about two liters. Initially, there will be a lack of drinks and dishes to which a person is used. But over time, he will forget about them. Especially if the period of adherence to the diet will be long. In fact, the use of certain foods is a habit. Abandon them can be difficult, but possible. Here you need to connect willpower. In the case when a person is disturbed by pain, the process of refusal of certain products in favor of the healing process will be much easier.

In no case can not drink alcoholic beverages with such diseases as cystitis, as they will aggravate the condition of the body to the worst. Also, do not eat canned food and food products that contain dyes. It should be attentive to the purchase of a particular food, namely, you should watch their composition. To remove the inflammatory process will help the use of honey in a small amount, it will be enough one teaspoon.

Features of nutrition during the chronic course of the disease

If the cystitis is chronic, then ulcers may be present on the walls of the bladder. Therefore, a diet for chronic cystitis in women should be directed not only to the urinary effect, but also to provide an antimicrobial effect.

People with a chronic form of the disease need daily to drink herbal teas. There is a list of products that are strictly not recommended to eat with cystitis. Since they have an annoying property. Below is a list of them:

It is important to monitor the work of the stomach and intestines. If there is any discomfort from the use of certain products, then they should be discarded. Since they will lead to irritation of the bladder mucosa.

It is better if the patient menu contains such an ingredient as coarse fiber. A large amount of it is present in products such as carrots, cabbage, bran and cereals, which are whole-grain. They contribute to the improvement of peristalsis and introduce the body to a tone. Pine nuts help very well. Do not use them too much, just a small amount, mixed with olive oil.

How much to diet after an exacerbation or with a chronic form of the disease?

What should be the diet for chronic cystitis in women? The same. When the exacerbation of the disease goes away, no need to abandon proper nutrition. Women are advised to comply with it for 12 months. Dietary food will benefit both the internal organs and the appearance of the fair sex. Perhaps in a year you will not want to abandon such a power supply system, and it will become the usual diet.


On what kind of diet for women with cystitis, depends on the condition of the body in the process of recovery. It is worth remembering that proper nutrition is a component of a healthy lifestyle. From the fact that a person eats depends on his condition as a whole. If the food is fatty and heavy, then it will be digested for a long time, problems with the stomach and intestines may occur. It will also affect the general condition of the person. The severity of the abdomen can lead to reduced working capacity, fatigue and lack of energy.

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