Diet for chronic colitis

Chronic colitis – It is an inflammation of the large intestines. The causes of the development of the disease are the same as that of enteritis, as well as the presence of adhesions, sedentary image of the liquid, abuse of enemas, etc.

Diet for chronic colitis

In the hospital patients are first prescribed diet No. 4, and later – diet No. 4b for 2-6 weeks. ”Then they prescribe diet 4c, and during the period of stable remission, patients are gradually transferred to a diet 15.

Is forbidden transfer vegetables and fruits (raw, boiled), milk, fried foods, cold meals and drinks to patients in the hospital.

Diet for chronic colitis Allowed: decoction of rose hips, sweet varieties of berries and fruits without skins (pureed or baked), apple, cherry, tangerine, orange juice diluted in half with boiled water.

After discharge from the hospital food at home should be aimed at sparing mode for the intestines, increasing the ability of the intestinal mucosa to restore, reduce fermentation and putrefaction processes, as well as normalize the disturbed metabolism and increase the body’s defenses.

Diet for chronic colitis

Diet also depends on the stage of the disease, the presence of diarrhea or constipation. Food should be boiled or steamed, mashed or chopped. The composition of the diet: proteins – 100g, fats – 70g, carbohydrates – 250g. Energy value of 2000-2100 kcal, cooking salt – 10g, liquids –

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