Diet for antral gastritis

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Diet for antral gastritis

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract require a special diet. Antral gastritis is no exception. Diet for antral gastritis includes a list of permitted and prohibited foods, the requirements for preparation. It reduces intestinal discomfort, pain, and prevents recurrence of the disease. It is only necessary to understand the features and limitations of the diet.

Antral gastritis and diet

This type of gastritis is localized in the gastric mucosa – in the area of ​​the antrum, close to the 12-duodenal process. A sick person develops inflammation, increases the concentration of acids. All this causes nausea, impaired stool, weakness. The pain occurs on an empty stomach, it feels like a spasm. In the mouth there is bitterness or other unpleasant taste.

The cause of this disease is bacteria. Their growth provokes improper diet, alcohol, infections, stress. Other pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract can also cause: gastroenteritis, poisoning. Antral gastritis is divided into acute and chronic forms, which cause damage to these types:

  1. In superficial gastritis, damage occurs only in the upper part of the mucous membrane and does not extend to the deeper layers.
  2. When erosive – the glands are damaged and scars are formed.
  3. When hyperplastic – an increase in the volume of the mucous membrane occurs, tumors appear (cysts, polyps). Tumors interfere with normal food intake.
  4. With focal – inflammation begins only in the foci and does not affect the entire surface of the mucosa.

Depending on the form of the disease, its course and the characteristics of each organism, the doctor develops a special menu. It is aimed at stopping unpleasant symptoms and prevent the weighting of the flow. The main goal is to reduce the irritation of an already damaged stomach.

What is allowed?

Allowed products depend on the form of gastritis. For example, when exacerbating an illness, the rules of nutrition are more stringent. In chronic gastritis, almost everything is possible, except raw vegetables, fruits and other products containing coarse fiber. Spices should be discarded and salt should be limited. You can cook food in any way, avoiding only crisp crust.

In the acute stage, you can:

  1. Low-fat dairy products.
  2. Some sweets: jelly, honey, sugar, jellies.
  3. Meat (in the form of mashed chicken, beef and other lean meats).
  4. Porridge (with the addition of milk or water).
  5. Soups from semolina, rice or pearl barley.
  6. Eggs (boiled, steamed, or in the form of an omelet).

Food should be ground with a liquid consistency. To reduce the load on the digestive tract you need to eat often, but in small portions. It should be remembered that when a seizure occurs the first few days of eating is recommended to refrain at all.. Only drinking is allowed. It is necessary to clean the body.

What not?

Absolutely not in any form:

  1. Tobacco and alcohol.
  2. Raw vegetables and fruits, sour berries, juices. All this increases the acidity and complicates the course of the disease.
  3. Fatty meats, dairy products with high fat content (pork, hard cheeses and the like).
  4. Forbidden spices, too sour, fatty sauces. For example, mayonnaise, ketchup and similar products.

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Basic rules of nutrition

  1. Eat need to chopped food.
  2. During the day it is important to drink plenty of non-carbonated water.
  3. You need to eat often, but in small portions, chewing thoroughly.
  4. For superficial gastritis, it is allowed to use teas and extracts from medicinal herbs, vegetable juices. For example, well-proven juices from potatoes or cabbage. They are taken in a certain dose on an empty stomach. To reduce pain can decoction of flax seeds. This tool envelops the walls of the stomach, protects them from destruction. Herbs from mint, chamomile, elderberry and other herbs also have a beneficial effect. Will pick up and tell in detail how to take them, the attending physician.
  5. Diet is important to combine with a healthy lifestyle and drug treatment.

In addition, even in the stage of recovery, a person needs prevention, which is based on proper and healthy nutrition. Even if there is no pain and symptoms of indisposition, it is important to keep from eating too much smoked food.

You need to eat moderately and at a certain time, preferably the presence of first courses. And, of course, exclude alcohol. The decay products of alcohol aggressively affect the gastric mucosa, so the symptoms of gastritis will appear again.

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