Diet during menstruation

What to do if you decide to stick to a diet, but it turns out you have it very badly. You do not leave a constant feeling of hunger, you are pulling for sweets and other such tasty, but harmful products for your figure, and the mood is completely zero. Perhaps it is all the fault that you have chosen not at all the right time for your diet, but to follow the diet during your period. Female DietaClub diets magazine I decided to find out: can I sit on diet during menstruation and how to eat during this period.

Diet during menstruation

Many women and girls complain of their weak willpower and the fact that they absolutely can not control themselves in their diet. I always want to eat, the arrow of the scales is treacherously crawling to the right, jeans are barely buttoned at the waist. … However, it is quite likely that your willpower has absolutely nothing to do with it. The fact is that your female hormones themselves dictate their own rules. The best thing you can do in this case is not to resist nature, but wait patiently for things to get better. In order to understand how compatible diet and periods, Consider the phases of the female body. And the matter here is not at all in the absence of will, the matter is in female hormones, which live their own life, absolutely independent of the civil calendar.

High phase The high phase lasts approximately two weeks and begins on the 3rd day of menstruation. This is not the most favorable period for diet and exercise. Usually during the high phase we feel a surge of strength and energy, and therefore the diet is surprisingly easy for us. It was during this period that doctors advised to go on a diet and assure that we will not experience a painful feeling of hunger. You can reduce your diet to 1200-1300 calories per day and calmly lose weight, concentrating on your goal.

Neutral phase The neutral phase starts on the 15th day of your cycle. Progesterone levels increase in your body, and the walls of the uterus thicken. Yes, you yourself can feel it for yourself. The feeling of hunger increases and you have a good appetite. Despite this, you still feel the power to continue a diet and lose weight. A women’s weight loss journal is advised to increase your diet in a neutral phase to 1400-1500 calories per day. You can still engage in physical activity, but not to exhaustion. Good for this period of walking, cycling, running.

Deep phase Here we come to the deep phase that makes diet during menstruation unbearably heavy and difficult. Deep phase starts one week before monthly Diet – not the best option at this time, since right now you will have a desire to eat, but more. During the deep phase, you still should not put tough restrictions on yourself and can indulge yourself with your favorite delicacy without a twinge of conscience. But remember that this does not mean at all that you can eat mountains of pastries, there must be a measure in everything. Physical activity during the deep phase may be present, but only if you do not have any female diseases and you are completely healthy. In this case, you can continue to exercise, but to give preference to a calmer sports, such as Pilates or yoga.

Diet during menstruation

So, you already understood that if you go on a diet during your period, it should be as gentle and absolutely non-hungry. DietaClub Diets Magazine recommends including in the diet diet during menstruation The following products:

1. Be sure to include in your diet during menstruation foods rich in potassium and magnesium. It is because of the lack of these substances in the body that you may experience stress, headaches. Eat nuts, bananas, cabbage and leafy vegetables, they contain a lot of potassium. Love the seeds? Eat to health, they are rich in magnesium. Magnesium is also found in dark green vegetables, cereals and bran. By the way, it is especially useful to eat cereals, nuts, as they also contain vitamin E, which regulates the so-called hormone of happiness.

2 Diet during menstruation must include fruits and vegetables. The high content of antioxidants in them will help reduce pain symptoms. Bananas and apricots are a great option, as they also contain potassium and magnesium. Vegetables include cabbage in your diet.

3 Diet during menstruation also involves the inclusion of fish in your diet. Fatty acids contained in fish well prevent smooth muscle spasms. Also include in your diet seafood.

4. Do not neglect calcium. Include in the diet diet during menstruation cottage cheese and cheese. Prefer low-fat varieties of cheese, ideal in this case Adygei cheese.

Diet during menstruation

Many girls and women complain that before menstruation, and even during critical days, their body mass increases dramatically. However, there is no cause for concern, as this is a completely natural process. Hormone progesterone contributes to fluid retention in the body, which in turn leads to swelling and weight gain. DietaClub weight loss magazine advises to give up on diet during menstruation from salty and spicy. Such food will only contribute to greater fluid retention in the body, and on such days it is completely useless to you.

Why there is no monthly after diet

Many people complain that no monthly after diet. Diet and truth can bring down the menstrual cycle, if it is too hard and leads to depletion of the body. As a rule, there are no periods after the diet for those who limit the diet to a minimum and lose weight more than expected. Monthly returns after you return to your normal weight and adjust the proper nutrition system.

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