Diet during breastfeeding

The main problem that worries all young mothers after childbirth is overweight. It seems that the birth is already behind, and the stomach is still “ahead”. Therefore, it is not surprising that most young mothers want to return to their former form as soon as possible and resort to various diets and physical exercises. However, our mothers and grandmothers immediately unanimously declare that a nursing mother should not be on a diet, since this negatively affects the composition of breast milk and the child may not receive the necessary vitamins. On the one hand, this statement is indeed true, since strict diets are contraindicated for breastfeeding. But on the other hand, if a woman keeps to a special balanced diet, she “will kill two birds with one stone”. That is, the correct diet during lactation will benefit both the baby and your body shape.

You can start this diet 6 weeks after delivery. The main rule of the diet is to limit the consumption of fat, fried, sweet and flour. It is very important to drink at least 2 liters of water per day, as the amount of breast milk depends on the amount of fluids in the body. You can drink not only water, it can be tea, fresh juices, milk, fermented milk products, decoctions, infusions, jelly and fruit drinks. Prefer foods low in fat, and reduce the amount of sugar. While breastfeeding especially foods rich in calcium and vitamin D, it also makes sense to take these vitamins in the form of vitamin complexes.

The lactation period is a time when fat in the body does not accumulate, but is actively consumed, so it will be easy to lose weight. On average, the body spends 800 calories per day for the reproduction of milk, and if we add to this the active care of the baby, it turns out that the young mother should consume about 2,700 calories per day. Although it is not necessary to count calories during a diet during lactation, the main thing is to follow the basic rules of nutrition.

First, your nutrition must be balanced. Eat small meals, but often. It is best to use 5-7 meals a day, combining small portions of food with a heavy drink.

Secondly, refuse fatty foods. In order to lose weight while breastfeeding, you must choose foods with a low amount of fat. Exclude mayonnaise, cream, chocolate and butter. It is also better to refuse fried food. But vegetable fats will be very useful, season the salads with vegetable oil, eat nuts and seeds, they are rich in vitamins and useful for the figure.

Thirdly, refuse baking, especially fatty, sweet pastries with cream are especially harmful to the figure.

Diet during breastfeeding

And then what to eat while breastfeeding?

Try to eat only healthy, healthy food: eggs, fresh, boiled or steamed vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish and poultry, cooked without fat, whole-grain bread, cereals, cottage cheese and dairy products. Be sure to eat vegetable and meat soups, which are ideal for losing weight. After all, it is much better to eat a bowl of soup than just meat and potatoes. The volume of the dish is the same, but the calories are less.

The approximate amount of food for a diet during breastfeeding is as follows: • Cottage cheese – 50-100 g • Dairy products –

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