Diet dinner

Slimming up to 3 kg in 7 days. The average daily calorie content is 960 Kcal.

The method of weight loss "dinner minus" is often found under the name "American diet". As you can guess, her secret lies in the exclusion of dinner. According to the assurances of the developers of this technique and those who personally experienced it, the refusal to eat in the evenings, even without a correction of the menu, gives a tangible result.

Dinner Minus Diet Requirements

The main essence of the diet is to establish a diet. Often the secret of completeness lies in the wrong organization of meals. Sometimes a person does not eat breakfast due to lack of appetite or lack of time, or because of the reluctance to cook. Many do not even dine fully, just eating something on the run. As a result, after returning home in the evening, a person experiences a wolf hunger and, of course, it becomes simply impossible for him to control himself. It is difficult for him and there is no time to choose useful and low-fat products for dinner and not to overeat. If this happens once or twice a month, as a rule, nothing terrible happens, and the body does not spread out in breadth. But in a situation when this practice becomes habitual, the excess weight with joy sticks to the violators of the correct food regime. By the way, the tainted figure is not the only and not the most negative consequence of fasting during the day and abundant late meals.

Diet dinner

American scientists conducted research in which they proved that what is important is not even what a person uses, but the time in which it occurs. The experiment was conducted on rodents. One group of experimental rats was fed during the day, the second at night. Food was given the same. As a result, the rodents that are on the night food, gained weight two times more than those who fed during the day.

Scientists draw an analogy with people, noting that late dinners, and even more so food at night, lead to obesity and problems with the functioning of the body. The fact is that in the evening and at night all body processes, including digestion, slow down considerably. The duodenum is also practically inactive. Therefore, undigested food coming into it from the stomach simply cannot move to other parts of the intestine. The secretion does not stop, but the bile is not able to enter the intestine and accumulates in the gall bladder. In it, due to the stagnation of bile, stones and inflammatory processes can form. And the presence of food in the intestines for a long time leads to its fermentation and rotting, because of which harmful decomposition products can get into the blood, and in large quantities.

Diet dinner

In addition, evening snacks can lead to a change in appearance for the worse (the appearance of rashes, acne, dull skin color) and sleep disorders. It was also scientifically proven that in the evening the brain reduces control over feelings of hunger and satiety. Due to the fact that signals to the brain do not arrive on time, it is much easier to eat. A portion of food, which would be enough for you to satisfy your hunger in the daytime, in the evening or at night seems small, and you want to eat more and more.

Having a good dinner shortly before bedtime, you can wake up in the morning with a feeling of satiety or even heaviness. Of course, there is no desire to have breakfast in this state. To counter this, try at least a couple of days not to eat for 2-3 hours before bedtime, and you will surely notice that you want to have breakfast. It is even possible that you will begin to wake up early in the first time of switching to a new diet, wanting to have a snack as soon as possible. The body will just start waking you up.

What are the basic rules of the "dinner minus" diet?

The most important thing is the time of the extreme meal. It may vary depending on your schedule. For those who go to bed around 22:00, it is recommended not to eat anything from about 17:00. If you go to bed at midnight or later, you can have a snack at around 7:00 pm at least once a day. The time between food and sleep should be at least five hours. After 19:00 to eat, no matter how late you went to the kingdom of Morpheus, it is still not recommended for the reasons described above. The body also needs to rest.

During the day you can eat anything. But if you want the weight loss process to go more actively and beneficially on the state of the body, you should refuse (or minimize the presence in the diet) of unhealthy fats, fast food, high-calorie sweets, too sharp, smoked and pickled foods and products.

Abandoning your favorite food is not required, which, in fact, is a good diet. Just if you want to eat something high-calorie, do it in the morning. Would you like a cake in the evening? Promise yourself in the morning to reward yourself with this sweetness for your efforts. Probably, at the early time of the day, the “forbidden fruit” will no longer be so desirable, or you eat it much less than you would have done if you broke it in the evening.

In general, it is breakfast that should be made the most energetically significant meal. After all, calories will have a whole day to be spent, and not to settle on your body. Also be sure to have lunch. Do not skip meals. Supper preferably lighter meal. You can, for example, drink a cup of kefir or other low-fat sour milk, or restrict yourself to a cup of green or herbal tea with a small amount of natural honey. But, if earlier you had a rich dinner, it is better to move gradually to a new practice. Otherwise, your desire for weight loss may fail. Also, it is not recommended to shift dinner time too drastically. Gradually bring the meal time to an hour “X” so as not to expose the body to stress by drastic changes in the mode of meals.

Try to find more space in your diet for fresh and natural products. Provide yourself a sufficient amount of lean protein, eat healthy cereals, fruits and vegetables (preferably seasonal, fresh or subjected to minimal heat treatment).

Diet dinner

Meals at daytime should be at least three. If you are more comfortable with fractional meals, then plan your diet so that you can eat more often. But the portions in this case should be less, do not be fooled. If you stop eating in the evenings, but you begin to use double the amount of food during the day, you not only lose weight, but risk to gain excess weight, no matter how early your dinner would be. Since a slimming body begins to actively get rid of toxins and toxins, it is very important to provide it with enough water to help get rid of decomposition products as efficiently as possible.

With regard to the pace of weight loss on a diet "dinner minus", they are all individual. The more excess weight, the more noticeable will be its loss. Already in the first 7-10 days, 3-4 kg (and even more) may take, then the rate of weight loss becomes slower. But do not be discouraged by noticing this. This phenomenon is absolutely normal. Immediately the body is forgiven, basically, with excess fluid, and then should be leaving the fat itself.

Follow the diet should be as long as you are not happy with the figure. After that, you need to smoothly exit the diet, slightly shifting the dinner time or, if you are accustomed to this diet and do not want to have supper, increasing the calorie content or / and the volume of daily meals. At the same time, during the first consecutive time, you need to carefully control body weight in order to choose the ideal diet for yourself, allowing you to maintain a stable weight.

Diet menu

An example of a diet meal "dinner minus" for a week

Day 1 Breakfast: 200 g of boiled potatoes with a portion of vegetable salad; orange or grapefruit. Lunch: whole grain bread (1-2 slices) with curd mass; a handful of nuts. Lunch: a glass of yogurt.

Day 2 Breakfast: wholegrain toast with a slice of cheese and lettuce; chicken fillet stewed in the company of tomato and pepper; an Apple. Lunch: wholegrain sandwich with chicken breast, tomatoes and greens. Tea time: a cup of tea with a teaspoon of natural honey.

Day 3 Breakfast: hard pasta with tomato sauce; salad of green vegetables; a couple of plums. Dinner: cottage cheese with a pear. Lunch: a glass of ryazhenka.

Day 4 Breakfast: an omelette of two chicken eggs with cheese and herbs; a pair of whole grain breads that can be greased with jam; an Apple. Lunch: baked fish fillet and cabbage-cucumber salad. Tea time: a cup of tea with the addition of a small amount of honey.

Day 5 Breakfast: grilled chicken breast; 2 pieces of bread made from hard wheat flour; a pair of pineapple slices. Lunch: a couple of pieces of lean ham; a slice of whole grain bread with 30 grams of cheese or curd mass. Tea time: a glass of milk.

Day 6 Breakfast: a portion of couscous with your favorite vegetables; Baked with cinnamon and ginger apple. Lunch: baked chicken fillet; fresh tomato; a handful of nuts. Tea time: tea with honey or jam.

Day 7 Breakfast: a piece of spinach cake; pear. Lunch: cereal without sugar, filled with low-fat empty yogurt. Lunch: a glass of yogurt.


  • Unlike many other methods, “dinner minus” has practically no contraindications.
  • But in the presence of chronic diseases, as well as pregnant and lactating women, adolescents and the elderly, you should consult with a doctor about the possibility of introducing this style of nutrition into your life before starting a diet.

Advantages of the "dinner minus" diet

  1. The technique does not require abandoning your favorite food. You are free to choose products and can make a menu according to your taste preferences.
  2. No need to tediously measure portions and count calories.
  3. All the necessary substances enter the body along with the food, with a competently compiled menu, and therefore the possibility of causing harm to health is extremely small.
  4. Well and the fact that it is not necessary to prepare special dietary food.
  5. You can easily eat in the company of family and friends, go to restaurants and other places, but, of course, not in the evenings.
  6. As a rule, due to the smooth maintenance of weight, after leaving the method, the probability of its return is low.
  7. Gradual weight loss is supported and promoted by all doctors, fitness trainers and nutritionists.
  8. In this mode, the body losing weight is not "scared", and the skin manages to pull itself up, helping to gain not only a slim, but also an elastic body (which is impossible with fast diets).

Disadvantages of the diet

  • "Dinner minus" is not suitable for those who seek rapid weight loss. To achieve the result, you still need to show perseverance and patience. It is possible that the weight from time to time will stand still. To this phenomenon must be morally prepared. After the body gets rid of a certain number of pounds, for further weight loss, he needs to recover. Therefore, there is a so-called plateau. But if it lasts two weeks or more, then to start the process of parting with the following kilograms you will need to reconsider your diet. Found that in him a lot of flour and sweet? Try to reduce the volume of this food.
  • It is not easy to get used to the new meal schedule for people who previously dined very late, as well as for those who work on night shifts. At first, a strong feeling of hunger will probably visit you at an undesirable time. If you feel that you cannot tolerate unbearable, then drink kefir or tea with honey, eat a little low-fat cottage cheese. Over time, from such snacks, of course, it is worth moving away.
  • Also not in favor of the diet "dinner minus" says the rhythm of modern life, which involves frequent meals in the evenings. In order not to be tempted by the forbidden food, it is better to sit on the technique for the first time as much as possible to limit late activities that involve eating food. If violations will occur once a week or two (given that you will not overeat), the weight will probably go away. With more frequent breaks, most likely, the weights arrow will stagnate, and your diets, efforts will come to naught. The choice is yours!

Reconducting the dinner minus diet

If you feel well and want to transform the figure more strongly with the help of this technique, you can turn to its help at any time.

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