Diet dates

Losing weight people often ask whether dates on a diet can be included in your diet. This article will tell you how the dates help with the diet and how they benefit the body.

Many products that are gaining popularity today are not always helpful. Therefore, planning to buy a product, first people think about whether it will bring benefit, or, on the contrary, it will only harm the body.

Everyone agrees that the most useful products are fresh berries, fruits and vegetables. All of them possess those useful vitamins and substances that the human body constantly needs. Therefore, many doctors and nutritionists strongly advise their patients to add as much fresh food as possible to their diet. One of these wholesome fruits are dates. They grow on large palms. Arabia, Egypt, Israel, and Africa are leaders in growing and selling several types of dates. The composition of this fruit includes many useful vitamins, so some say that this is a fruit that combines the periodic table.

Since this fruit contains many calories, there is constant talk about whether it is possible to eat dates on a diet. Investigating this question, many nutritionists have come to the same opinion, when dieting dates can be and even is necessary. They explained their conclusions and decisions in a very simple way. In order to lose weight, each person must carefully control how many calories enter the body, and how much energy a person spends. If the calories coming in daily exceed the energy expended, this will lead to weight gain, and no diets and starvation will give the desired result. Conversely, if during the day a person spends a lot of energy and at the same time properly eats, then the number of calories consumed can be increased and it will not cause harm. The main thing that is needed when following a diet is to control the number of dates eaten so that the calories do not exceed the norm. Also, dates are rich in fiber, which helps the digestive system to work. And the vitamins in them are able to strengthen the nervous, heart and immune systems, eyesight and reduce the risk of tumors in the body. Many nutritionists say that dates can be eaten with diets instead of sweets and baked goods, since in taste they resemble many confectionery products. Often this is exactly what most want women who want to lose weight. And besides this, dates can quickly give a feeling of saturation, which allows you to endure the time of the diet as easily as possible and longer.

Also, dates are capable of cleansing the intestines and the whole body from harmful accumulations. And this plays a big role if you want to lose weight, as often unnecessary fat deposits, this is the result of improper metabolism and inadequate work of internal organs. Therefore, the question of whether dates are on a diet often does not require much thought. There are even separate date diets, under which a person eats only fruit for several days. And some scientists argue that a person is able to live a long number of days without food, without any harm to the body, if he consumes dates daily. The benefits and harm of a diet in which there are dates are not always predictable, so before you go on such a diet, you should carefully read and with the negative aspects of taking dates. They are few, but they are very significant.

Diet dates

But, like any food product, dates also have some contraindications. They can not be consumed too much, as the sugar contained in them can cause type 2 diabetes. Eaten dates can also harm those already suffering from diabetes. Since most carbohydrates contain natural sugars – glucose and fructose. Therefore, a person adhering to a diet for diabetes should remember that this fruit he can use in very small quantities and not daily. In addition, caution should be used when digestion disorders – gastritis, colitis, enteritis, etc. Since their skin and fibers are coarse, people with such food diseases should clean the dates from their skin, which can irritate the stomach wall. But completely exclude dates from your diet, even people with such diseases are not recommended, as this fruit is very useful. Also, people who consume too many dates a day can experience severe headaches.

Since this fruit has both a positive and negative side, it is important to remember that the maximum amount consumed in one day should not exceed 15 pieces. This amount will help maintain balance and diet. They must be consumed separately from other foods and preferably two hours before night rest.

So, most nutritionists not only approve, but also advise to eat dates if they follow diets. The only requirement is strict adherence to the amount of fruit consumed.

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