Diet after childbirth when breastfeeding

Mommies immediately want to lose weight after giving birth with breastfeeding and restore the old figure. However, this can be dangerous for infants, the production of breast milk and their own health. To restore the body and hormonal levels, the establishment of lactation will take some time. But if you approach the process wisely and treat it calmly, then you can easily lose weight after giving birth by the time you finish breastfeeding.

Diet after childbirth when breastfeeding

Let us highlight the three main rules that should be followed by a nursing mother to lose weight without harming the child and breastfeeding:

  1. Gradual weight loss without fasting and fasting days, strict and strict diets;
  2. A rational approach to nutrition: drink plenty of water + frequent but small portions of food throughout the day + hypoallergenic diet;
  3. Physical activity in moderation. Take a walk and use more exercise available and harmless nursing mothers. Choose activities that you can do with your baby.

Next, we offer 15 tips on how to lose weight after giving birth and keep lactation at home. And let’s take a closer look at how to restore and maintain a body shape, stay toned without risk for the child and lactation, without harm to one’s own body and mood.

Features of weight loss with HB

Every woman after the birth of the baby wants to quickly bring themselves up and restore the figure. But, if she is breastfeeding a baby, she should be extremely careful. After all, a strict, strict or improper diet, starvation, excessive exercise can worsen lactation, reduce the production of breast milk and harm the baby.

Diet after childbirth when breastfeeding

Classic and abrupt methods of weight loss can harm the body of a nursing mother, disrupt the hormones and even cause postpartum depression. The latter, in turn, will only add extra pounds. After childbirth requires a long, gradual and competent recovery.

Recovery and weight loss in the postpartum period is associated with the duration of breastfeeding and the beginning of the menstrual cycle. Until the period begins and the lactation does not end, the hormones and the body can not yet be restored to 100%.

As a rule, in most women, and this is 3/4, menstruation begins after the completion of breastfeeding. But sometimes they come in the third month after childbirth. Read more when menstruation comes with HB, read here.

Breastfeeding can last

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