Diet 2 eggs half orange

The theme of diets is relevant at all times, the fair sex strive for perfection. A variety of techniques allows you to choose the option that matches the specific characteristics of the organism.. Before deciding on a fundamental change in the diet, you need to consult a qualified medical professional, ideally to pass general tests, especially in the presence of chronic diseases.

Popular is the egg diet, the advantage of which compared with other methods? is the stimulation of chemical reactions of the body. Positive feedback indicates the effectiveness of the technique. The main requirement is the exact observance of recommendations regarding the daily routine. The uniqueness of the diet lies in the fact that it has a positive effect on representatives of different age categories.

Experts emphasize the strict observance of the menu, if you decide on a diet, under no circumstances, do not replace products that do not match your taste with more "pleasant." There is no need to maintain the body with nutritional supplements, eggs contain sufficient amounts of cyanine, vitamin B2, B6, B12, A, B1, D, E, K.

To withstand a diet is extremely simple, especially if you lead an active lifestyle and are relieved from the temptation of snacking at home. The diet provides a full three meals a day, which is enough to maintain normal well-being. Follow the rules must be within four weeks.

Eggs are a product with useful properties that everyone has known since childhood. Low in calories – the main requirement for products, which will include in the diet of a person seeking to reduce body weight. No need to take special drugs eliminates the likelihood of allergic reactions. The cyanine contained in the eggs ensures the normal functioning of the brain, choline has a positive effect on memory facilitates the process of removing poisons from the liver.

Vitamin K is necessary for blood clotting. Nicotinic and folic acid, iron, zinc, iodine, biotin, and also phosphorus are necessary for all organs without exception. In the absence of the possibility of adherence to a diet for 4 weeks, it is allowed to reduce the recommended period to 14 days. In two weeks it is really possible to lose up to 7 kg, depending on the specific characteristics of the organism. Achieving a positive result is possible only with strict adherence to the rules.

Even minor deviations from the recommendations become a serious obstacle to the achievement of the goal. Three meals is enough for the body. Snacks must be excluded. A serious test for modern people is the need to exclude coffee from the diet. Allowed to use green tea and mineral water. Should refrain from eating fat. Boiled boiled eggs are an ideal diet food, they are completely digested. Vegetables should be consumed raw or boiled. Within 2 weeks in the morning you have to be content with half an orange and two eggs. Crucial importance is the sequence of the use of dishes: first citrus, then eggs. Orange has a narrowing effect on the stomach.

Diet 2 eggs half orange

Diet step by step

First week

Diet 2 eggs half orange

2nd meal – fruit in unlimited quantities; 3rd meal – 200 grams of dietary meat, with the exception of lamb.

2nd reception – boiled chicken, always thoroughly cleansed from the skin; 3-reception – vegetable salad, 1 toast, if desired, you can afford a dessert – an orange.

2nd reception – tomatoes, low-fat cheese, toast; 3rd reception – 200 g of boiled meat.

The 2nd intake of fruits, depending on personal preferences, must be limited to one type; 3rd reception – boiled meat in combination with salad.

Diet 2 eggs half orange

2nd reception – beans and 2 eggs, boiled carrots and zucchini; 3rd reception – fish and light vegetable salad, orange.

2nd reception – any fruit, the requirements are similar to Thursday; 3rd reception-vegetable salad and lean meat, not more than 200 g

2nd reception – boiled chicken without skin, vegetables, orange 3rd reception-cooked vegetables.

During the second week, you should follow the rules established for the first. It will be difficult only in the first seven days, after the body gets used, you will endure a diet without any serious consequences. Food is recommended to take at regular intervals, the liquid can be consumed in unlimited quantities. The dishes included in the menu have a positive effect on all organs without exception. You are guaranteed to get rid of excess weight, cleanse the body of harmful substances.

Diet and sport

Diet combined with regular exercise allows you to easily adjust the figure. Depending on the characteristics of the body, the result may exceed expectations. Do not pay attention to the results of others, each organism is individual.

Any diet should be preceded by the consultation of a qualified physician, disregard for the recommendations of which may cause deterioration of health.

It is also recommended at the time of the diet (and ideally forever) to give up alcohol and tobacco for a better result. This will allow less fatigue, it is better to absorb nutrients and just be younger.

Orange in combination with eggs – a full breakfast, which is a source of energy for an adult. Feelings of weakness and headaches will not cloud your life.

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