Diet 10 menu table for a week

Essence of the diet

Indications for prescribing a medical diet №10:

  • atherosclerosis,
  • circulatory failure type I-IIa,
  • hypertensive disease I-II stage,
  • kidney disease without impaired excretory function,
  • complaints of swelling, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, fatigue.

Let us consider in more detail the relationship between nutrition and heart disease. Work without circulatory system malfunction is a necessary condition for the functioning of the body. One of the factors provoking the occurrence of medium-vascular diseases is overweight, a sedentary lifestyle, and unsystematic poor diet. So, for example, to external risk factors for hypertension, lack of vitamins and increased consumption of salt. Therefore, for hypertensive patients, diet with restriction of salt, fat, and easily digestible carbohydrates is of paramount importance.

Another example is one of the common symptoms of a malfunction of the cardiovascular system in diseases of the heart is ascites – accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity, resulting from stagnation of blood in a given area due to the impossibility of its outflow. Treatment of ascites is aimed at eliminating the underlying disease and is accompanied by a salt-free diet.

Indications for the appointment of a diet table number 10 are kidney disease – chronic glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis without impaired excretory function, in some cases, accompanied by renal colic. In the complex treatment of these diseases, a diet is also appointed, aimed at limiting the content of salt in the food, refusal of fried, spicy, fatty, rich food.

Diet №10 according to Pevzner is prescribed in order to normalize the metabolism, improve the activity of the cardiovascular system, the functioning of the kidneys and liver, sparing the cardiovascular system and the digestive organs.

In the diet of the diet increased the number of products containing magnesium, potassium. Foods that are difficult to digest, excite and irritate the digestive organs, kidneys, liver, nervous and cardiovascular systems are excluded from the diet. Meal per day 5 times in small portions.

Diet 10 menu table for a week

The composition of the diet includes:

  • proteins in the amount of 80–90 g (55–60% of animal origin),
  • fats in the amount of 70 g (25–30% of plant origin),
  • carbohydrates – 350 g,
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