David Goggins Diet

So you want to build muscle …

But you probably know: in addition to classes, you need to eat right.

People think that you can go to the rocking chair, and then eat a plate of soup, and you will grow like on steroids.

Soup, pies, candy and chips – this is crap that just does not help you pump.

You need protein.

How much protein does an average person in Russia eat per day?

It seems to me, 10-15 grams MAX.

They eat soup, where 4 grams of protein on a plate. Maybe a meatball, in which 8-9 grams of protein.

Their diet consists entirely of carbohydrates.

It is not surprising that by the age of thirty everyone is growing fat like pigs. It is simply inevitable with such a diet.

Considered ideal for muscle mass.

If you weigh 70 kilograms, then you need to eat 70 *

David Goggins Diet

If you weigh 80 kg, then 80 *

Imagine how you will eat this chicken soup, where a full plate of 4 grams of protein.

You will need 25-30 plates a day.

No, you need something else. And I know that.

I once weighed 66 kilograms.

I thought I had a “bone thin”.

I thought I was not destined to be pumped up.

In general, I thought the same thing as a typical, normally non-devouring man in the street.

But at one moment I, as always, read a lot of Western literature.

The most interesting things in my life start from this moment.

And I began to eat very differently.

For six months, I gained 20 kg and moved from the category of "carried away by the wind" to the category of "firmly on their feet."

I will not say that my method is easy. It is not so easy.

You have to go to the kitchen, like to work, but it’s worth it.

I will tell you a couple of simple methods by which you can build muscle in the shortest possible time.

Moreover, these methods will be cheap, unlike many tips on the Internet, where you are advised to eat marble beef at a price of 2500 rubles per 100 grams.

We already found out: you need protein. So where to get it?

Eggs are the basis of any bodybuilding diet.

I will not run around the bush: you have to eat them very much.

How many eggs do you think you need to eat per day?

Ask for the fun of their relatives.

They will tell you: “Maximum – one or two eggs per day”.

They will say that "so the doctors say."

This was told to them by Soviet doctors, who know less about nutrition than Vlad Makeev.

The same doctors, thanks to whom everyone eats candy and eats chips.

Soviet doctors have never opened the books of Western nutritionists and do not know what “bodybuilding” is.

They have only “morning exercises”, “warm-ups” and other nonsense, which will not make you real rolling.

Do you know how much bodybuilding brothers Saxons ate?

Vince Gironde recommended drinking a cocktail three times a day, in which there were 12 raw eggs.

So let’s assume for a second that your grandmother and her Soviet doctors know less about nutrition than protein monsters who consume 20-40 eggs a day.

This guy ate 70 egg whites a day before the competition.

Look at him and look at the doctor. Should I continue?

I think so too.

You can eat a few packs of eggs a day, and you won’t have them.

Over the past 2 years, I ate eggs as much as a Soviet person eats in his entire life.

And nothing, lively and healthy, I write you this article.

If you weigh 70-80kg, then you need 105-120 grams of protein per day.

There is approximately 6 grams of protein in one C1 egg (slightly more in C0, slightly less in C2).

That is, in order to fulfill half your daily allowance for a squirrel, you need to eat 10 eggs (a pack).

You can immediately prepare for the fact that your relatives, whose diet consists of soup, and after him candy with tea, will be with you in ahu.

But you want to be big and muscular, right?

Yes, sure you want.

10 eggs a day is the minimum you need for your mass to grow at least a little.

Now about how to take eggs, because there are different ways.

There was a time when I daily ate scrambled eggs from 10 eggs in one sitting.

It was tough because 10 fried eggs are VERY DIFFICULT to fit in your belly.

Even if you eat them every day.

But I coped and grew.

Fried eggs are good in calories. Thanks to the frying and oil that you add, you are gaining more calories than in any other form of cooking.

Fried eggs from 10 eggs – an effective method of gaining weight.

But there is another, more abrupt and easy way to gain the daily BODYBUILDER rate of protein.

Raw eggs

Here begins a zone where you will be looked at as a complete idiot.

But you still want to be an ambalus, right?

I know what you want.

You can drink raw eggs, and I will tell you the way to make this activity not so disgusting.

But if you are afraid of small difficulties on the way to a beautiful and strong body, then continue to eat soup and candy with tea. I do not force.

David Goggins Diet

I’ll tell you my secret recipe.

If you simply drink raw eggs without additives, you will begin to gag reflex.

I drank through “I don’t want to,” but there is also a way that does not cause vomiting.

You just need to add the secret ingredient to the eggs, which, by the way, also helps to increase the mass.

And this ingredient is oatmeal.

Oatmeal gives raw eggs even a little human taste and smell.

You will need a shaker or any other vessel in which you can use a blender.

And you need a microwave.

Cocktail preparation instructions:

  1. Shred 6-8 eggs in a shaker (start with 6, increase with time)
  2. Mix them with a blender (or just a fork)
  3. Put in the microwave for 30 seconds (to kill the bad bacteria in the eggs)
  4. Download shaker 100-200 grams of oatmeal (the cheapest, 10 rubles a pack)
  5. Mix it all again with a blender.

That’s all. You have a cocktail of oatmeal and eggs.

How to drink this cocktail

1. Stir the cocktail before drinking.

That is, after the last time you beat a cocktail, you need to stir it again, because all the oatmeal has settled on the bottom.

And if you don’t stir it again, you won’t be able to drink the porridge.

So that together with eggs you drank and porridge, stir and drink QUICKLY, until these bitches of flakes again settled to the bottom.

2. Do not breathe nose

Try to drink a cocktail in one gulp and do not breathe through your nose. When you feel the taste, you will become disgusting.

It is something like vodka. Amateur sniffs her every time and frowns.

The professional knows that there is nothing to smell. We must drink.

3. Rinse your mouth after the cocktail

Also, not breathing with your nose, quickly rinse your mouth to get rid of the aftertaste.

That’s all. By my conservative estimate, this cocktail will give you 6 eggs * 6 grams of protein + 10 grams of protein in oatmeal = 46 grams of protein.

You can modify the cocktail by adding protein, or fruit, or you can increase the number of eggs or oatmeal.

I showed you the very basis with which you can perform your protein norm with the help of small tricks.

This method is good because you do not need to push the eggs in you.

Raw eggs are much easier to consume.

And here I will tell you one thing that any bodybuilder should know. Remember her well:


Our main goal is to fill the body with nutrients for your muscles.

That is, if you get drunk with cookies, don’t wait for the muscles.

If you eat 3 plates of soup – do not wait for the muscles (soup is essentially water).

Always consider protein in your meal, and not the fact that you just fill the belly.

If your belly has swollen – this is not a reason to be proud and say that “you eat a lot”.

It is also important what you eat.

It is much better to drink two such bodybuilding cocktails a day than to eat a soup pot.

My cocktail is the fastest, most effective and cheapest form of protein intake that you can think of.

You consume maximum protein for a minimum of time and money.

This cocktail is so compact for the stomach that you can eat after it.

I remember the day I discovered it.

I am already tired of eating scrambled eggs of 10 eggs and lying with a stomach swollen like a woman at 8 months pregnant.

And I thought: “Why don’t I just drink them?”

Then I made a cocktail, but without oatmeal.

He was disgusting, but I drank it and was surprised that I still have room for another meal.

That is, you consume the same amount of protein, only you still have a place.

I drank a cocktail – then eat buckwheat with chops and ohuev how your weight grows.

No other kind of cooking eggs can compare.

After scrambled eggs or boiled eggs, your belly pulls you to the bottom.

But after 6-8 raw, you will easily and simply go and make more buckwheat or chicken or whatever.

Moreover, this method of gaining muscle mass is the cheapest.

A pack of eggs costs plus minus 60 rubles.

If you eat each day in a pack, it will be 60 * 30 = 1800 rubles per month.

Plus, you’ll need about 10 packs of oatmeal. Buy the cheapest, for 10 rubles.

10 * 10 = 100 rubles. Total: 1900 rubles.

You can also take protein – 2000r for 2 kg (not the best) and add it to the cocktail.

As a result, for 4000 per month you will eat a HUGE amount of protein.

No one will tell you a way cheaper than mine.

A WARNING: No need to separate the white from the yolk. Half the protein is in the yolk, no matter how contradictory it may sound.

If you separate and discard the yolks, you will lose half of the protein in the egg.

Do not be clever and drink the whole egg.

Drink two such cocktails a day, and your muscles will trample.

The second effective way to build muscle is milk.

When I gained 20 kg in half a year (from 70 kg to 90 kg), I drank 3-4 liters of milk a day.

No, I didn’t die, I didn’t put a stomach on myself, I didn’t raise my cholesterol and all the other things that highly qualified and highly respected Soviet doctors and those who listen to them say.

I felt great.

I do not recommend repeating my experiment, because, firstly, drinking 3-4 liters a day is DIFFICULT.

Secondly, it will make you a little fat.

So partly the experiment was unsuccessful, but one can take a good lesson from it.

How I would correct it now:

  1. Would drink 1-2 liters (package) per day instead of 3-4 liters
  2. Would do it more often and harder

1 bag of milk contains 800-900 milliliters (these bitches are lying to us, because there is not one liter in a package, equal to 1000 ml).

Milk has 3 grams of protein per 100 grams. This means that in one package will be about 24-27 grams of protein.

Drinking two packets a day, you will get 48-54 grams.

You can buy the cheapest milk, otherwise you will be ruined.

Final Bodybuilding Counting

Bodybuilding Cocktail contains 46-58 or more grams of protein (depending on how many eggs you put).

After drinking two such cocktails, you will get 92-116 grams of protein. Take the average – 104 grams (7 eggs in a cocktail).

By adding one bag of milk, you will get 128 grams of protein.

And this is the cheapest way in the world to gain the desired rate of protein.

Follow this diet every day, and you will gain 20 kilograms even faster than in six months.

Such a diet is hard to follow, but worth it.

But even if you do not eat like this every day, then I want you to put one thing in mind: consider protein in your food.

Because an ordinary person eats very little squirrel.

And if you understand that you have a complete shortage, and already evening, and it’s time to go to bed – do it before bedtime Secret Bodybuilder Cocktail For Maximum Muscle Mass ™ – your body will thank you for all this protein.

I hope you have learned a couple of new things for yourself, and now you will grow by leaps and bounds.

In fact, any bodybuilding advice will contain one of two points:

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