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Dietary approach to stopping hypertension – Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension

Diet for Hypertension: DASH Diet Reference Guide

Your guide to lowering blood pressure with a DASH diet

Welcome to the DASH diet website – this is your guide to lowering blood pressure with a simple and effective diet.

DASH Diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension – A nutritional approach to the treatment of hypertension) is a proven nutritional model for reducing blood pressure in people suffering from diseases such as hypertension.

The DASH diet is shaped by the entire diet, not individual dietary components. The DASH diet includes more fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts and legumes, and also includes recommendations for dairy products with low or no fat.

The first report of experts from the Scientific Society for the Study of Arterial Hypertension, All-Russian Scientific Society of Cardiology and the Interdepartmental Council on Cardiovascular Diseases “Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of primary arterial hypertension in the Russian Federation” clearly showed the dramatic nature of the current situation in Russia with the treatment of arterial hypertension.

The material of the report is a balanced, collectively selected information of a general plan, designed to determine a common strategy for the prevention and treatment of arterial hypertension, which leaves the possibility of an individual approach to the patient, taking into account his personal, medical, social and cultural characteristics.

As rightly stated in this document, non-drug measures for influencing blood pressure, being part of the treatment of arterial hypertension, may be no less effective in its prevention and should be recommended for use in the general population.

Dietary approach to the treatment of hypertension

The number of non-drug interventions with proven effectiveness in reducing blood pressure and cardiovascular risk include:

Dash diet

  • weight normalization;
  • restriction of alcohol intake;
  • increased physical activity;
  • limiting salt intake;
  • adequate intake of potassium, magnesium, calcium;
  • to give up smoking;
  • restriction of fat intake of animal origin.

However, examining in detail all the strategic and tactical issues of drug treatment of arterial hypertension, DAG1 did not pay enough attention to the dietary treatment of this extremely common ailment, limiting itself to a general recommendation: “A comprehensive modification of the diet includes an increase in the consumption of fruits and vegetables, foods rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, fish and seafood, animal fat restriction. "

We are trying to fill this gap to some extent by setting out specific dietary recommendations of the US National Institutes of Health, the so-called “DASH diet”.

Recent publications show that, while undoubtedly effective, this program leads to a significant decrease in the concentration of homocysteine ​​in the blood — an amino acid whose elevated blood levels are a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

Dash diet

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