Daily slimming exercise

We all know that in order to lose weight, you need to adjust your diet, eliminate harmful foods from it and add useful ones. But without physical activity, too, can not do – these are two main components, without each of which weight loss is impossible. Morning exercise for weight loss will help you get the perfect shape and even replace a full workout in the gym, if you do it regularly and give all the best. If your goal is to lose weight, then the charge will be more intense than a simple warm-up to warm up. The best option is to use circular training, which will help to start the metabolic processes and speed up the burning of fat.

What is the use of morning exercises for weight loss?

The fact that charging in the morning for losing weight is useful, we know from childhood. But what exactly, and why in the morning? Here are the benefits of its regular implementation:

  • In the morning, our blood glucose level is minimal, respectively, to ensure the energy needs of the muscles, the body uses glycogen and fat reserves as energy. Therefore it is recommended to engage on an empty stomach – this is exactly how fats are burned, not what was eaten before.
  • Glycolysis and lipolysis are activated by muscle work and increase blood glucose levels. Because of this, brain cells are saturated with energy, and stimulation of the hunger center is reduced. Accordingly, our appetite decreases.
  • Nerve impulses are awakened through muscle activity and activate brain activity, helping us to wake up and providing cheerfulness since morning. This advantage of morning exercises is also a disadvantage of the evening, because in the evening we, on the contrary, need to calm down.
  • Gradually, the muscular-articular apparatus is involved in the work, which improves blood circulation and vascular tone. Thanks to the warm-up of muscles, joints and ligaments reduces the risk of injury throughout the day.
  • Morning exercise for weight loss at home – a simple and effective way keep fit. It helps to lose weight and strengthen muscles, which has a beneficial effect on the figure. Also, charging helps to improve the immune system and strengthen the body as a whole.

Daily slimming exercise

How to make regular exercise habit?

Exercising at home for weight loss every day will be effective only if you do it regularly. To make it a habit, you need about 21 days. Accordingly, the first three weeks of forcing yourself to do the exercises will be as hard as possible, and then the body will rebuild, and physical activity will not be stress for him, but the norm. To make it easier, follow these guidelines:

  • Change the schedule. Charging will take some time in the morning. You can release it by moving a part of the routine to the evening. Review your schedule and think about what can be changed in it. For example, you can prepare breakfast, clothes, things and so on the day before, and devote your free time to charging.
  • Do not overdo it. Yes, morning exercise for weight loss is more active than the usual warm-up for vigor, however, you should remember that you still have a whole day ahead, and you don’t have to exhaust yourself to exhaustion.
  • Provide clarity. It will be easier for you if you print out the charging scheme along with a description and photos of the exercises. This will help not to get confused and to orient, reducing the amount of time for possible clarifications.
  • Attract other people. Being engaged with someone together, you can motivate each other, and skipping exercises will be somehow embarrassing. This may be the person who lives with you near, or your partner, friend, child.
  • Sleep enough. Charging, the time at which you find by cutting back on bedtime, will not be beneficial. This provokes only chronic fatigue and deterioration of health, and you can hardly lose weight in such a rhythm. Therefore, however, try to find enough time to sleep.

Morning Circuit Training for Weight Loss

Morning exercise for weight loss can easily turn into a full workout. The proposed complex includes only five exercises, however, it can not be called simple. Exercises work out almost all the muscles, because this complex will help to lose weight, and develop endurance, and strengthen the body in general.

Training is circular. This means that by doing all the exercises in a row, you will have to repeat them again in the same sequence. On average it is recommended to perform 3-4 laps – depending on the availability of time and physical fitness.

Exercise 1. Unbending the body with jumping into the bar.

You need to stand up straight, put your feet shoulder-width apart, lower your arms along the body. At the same time, we lift up both hands and pull back the left leg, lifting it from the floor. Now we squat down, placing the palms under the shoulder joints. Jump out to the plank position. In a similar jump, we return to the squat, and then stand up, returning to the starting position. Repeat 12-15 times.

Exercise 2. Extension of the thigh with a bust to the chest

You need to stand up straight, put your feet shoulder-width apart. Take a scarf in your hands, grab it with both hands and stretch it so that your hands are wider than shoulders. Instead of a scarf, you can use the expander. You must stand on your right foot, lifting and drawing your left back. At the same time, extend your hands with a scarf forward, then bring it to your chest, separate your elbows to the sides and return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 12-15 times and do the same actions, standing on your left leg.

Exercise 3. Sliding attacks to the side and back

Stand on the sliding cloth, putting his feet shoulder-width apart. With your right foot, slide back and down, lungeing and moving your arms forward. Return to the starting position, leading the right foot to the left. With a similar sliding movement, move your right leg to the side and make a side lunge, likewise pulling your arms out for balance. Do 12-15 repetitions with both legs.

Exercise 4. Push-ups from the knees

It is necessary to take a position for push-ups with an emphasis on the hands and knees, at the same time, putting the palm and sliding cloths. Go down to the floor, spreading your elbows to the sides. Perform a push-up from the floor, after the right hand on the floor, slide to the left and return it to its original position. Do a push up again and repeat the same sliding motion with your other hand. Make a 12-15 reps.

Exercise 5. Elaboration press with lifting legs

You need to sit on the mat, stretch your legs forward, throw an expander or scarf on your right foot and pull it up, taking the ends so that the leg is completely straight. Place the other foot on the foot, slightly bending the knee. Now you need to simultaneously raise the straight leg with the body, keeping the scarf or expander stretched to the position of a corner, then lower to the starting position. Repeat 12-15 times with the left foot.

Having made one lap, you can relax for a couple of minutes, and only then move on to the next. Such exercises for losing weight at home will help you lose weight and strengthen all your muscles without spending much time on it.

Daily slimming exercise

Charge for weight loss at home for beginners can be more simple, and then you can increase the load. Note that it is not always this charge may be enough to lose weight. Be sure to eat right. If you feel that physical activity is not enough for you, you can do a simple set of exercises in the evening, as well as several times a week to run, swim, attend group classes in yoga, pilates and any other activity that you like. The main thing is not to be lazy and practice regularly.

We offer to see video charging for weight loss at home.

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