Charging in bed for weight loss

The state of health and productivity of the new day depend on how we wake up, spend the morning. Everyone knows that morning sports support the body in good shape, improve mood. But what to do if, after waking up, you do not have enough willpower to stand up and do 15-minute exercises? There is always a way out, you can do gymnastics without getting up with a warm cozy bed!

After just a few approaches, you will finally wake up, feel the mood rise, a surge of strength, a second wind will open. Charging in bed in the morning for weight loss easy to perform, does not require sports training.

The benefits of morning exercises

In the early morning time it’s already difficult to get up, and waking up an hour earlier to go for a run or to the gym doesn’t seem like a feasible task at all. Motivation may be enough for a month, and then what? Maintain the body in a tone, keep the weight in the norm is required constantly. Swing "diet – uncontrolled gluttony" will have a bad effect on the skin, there will be stretch marks, in everyday life called stretch marks.

Especially for those who like to linger in bed after an alarm call, an effective exercise system has been devised, allowing them to be performed without getting up and going to the gym.

Gymnastics for lazy ladies, lying in bed, supporting the body in good shape, helping to lose weight is not a dream, but a reality.

  • tightened body;
  • feminine forms;
  • blood circulation improvement;
  • energy boost for every day;
  • increase endurance;
  • increased lung function;
  • stabilization of the nervous system;
  • quick awakening;
  • good mood;
  • improvement of state of health;
  • immunity enhancement;
  • hormonal stabilization;
  • high concentration of attention;
  • increase productivity;
  • improvement of metabolism;
  • The first step in the fight against dangerous laziness.

The complex of exercises is extensive, choose for yourself the most productive and interesting, combine, alternate daily. Implement a complex aimed at strengthening the whole body and separately on the press. Perform daily for at least 5-7 minutes, and 2-3 times a week, stretch for 20-25 minutes. We woke up, yawned, stretched and – for the cause!

Morning Slimming Beds: 20 Exercises

№1 stifling

First you need to wake up the body a little, so gymnastics need to start with sipping, to warm up, prepare the muscles.

No. 2 Head rotation

Sit comfortably in bed, straighten your back. Lower your head forward, backward, then left, right. After that, proceed to the circular movements of the head clockwise, counterclockwise.

Effective warm-up for legs. Lie down, lift them up, make quick and wide flips crossing your legs.

№4 "Bicycle"

Charging in bed in the morning for weight loss must include the movement of "bicycle". Training will perfectly prepare the legs for a stressful day. Lying up, raise your legs up and bend your knees a bit, then make circular motions one by one, imitating pedaling on a bicycle.

No. 5 Twisting

Sitting start to curl in the waist, tilting alternately left and right shoulders. Exercise is effective for reducing the formation of the waist.

№6 Raising the pelvis

Legs bent at the knees, put wider shoulders. Raise the pelvis and lock in position for 6-9 seconds. Try to bend well, touching the mattress exclusively with paddles.

Famous school exercise. Lift straight legs at the same time on the top of the pelvis, touching the mattress with shoulder blades and elbows. Hold for a few seconds, then alternately lower your knees behind your head. Complicated version – together, synchronously both legs. If difficult, you can bend at the knees.

With your feet to take the emphasis, place the handles at the level of the temples at the head, spread your fingers to your shoulders. Slowly push the body up, bending the back, act carefully, feel the spine. According to the result, straighten them. Subsequently, you can complicate the procedure, trying to get up to full height with the position of the bridge.

Performed in a position on the abdomen. The arms, located at shoulder level, bend at the elbows. Gradually straighten them, lifting the top of the body. It is performed before the appearance of tension in the lumbar region, fixing for 6-8 seconds.

№10 Alternate touch

Lie on your back, while raising your right hand and left leg, touching her palm. Such actions strengthen the abdominal muscles and legs.

No. 11 Leg Raising

Performed on the side. Stay comfortably on your left side, head hold your hand. Raise the straight right leg as far as it will go, as far as the stretch allows. After 10-11 repetitions, roll over to the other side.

№12 marching

The complex of movements will resemble marching, if you implement it standing, from this name. Lying on your back, connect straightened legs and lift them 10-15 centimeters from the mattress. Straighten handles along the body, helping to keep the legs in a raised position. Then in turn, then right, then left bend at the knees, pulling up to the stomach and chin, then straighten in the starting position.

№13 Basket

Lie on your stomach, clasp the palms of the foot, pull them up, forming a circle, a “basket”. Bend your back, the effect is like a bridge, just the opposite.

№14 Rotation of the feet

They are also required to knead. First, rotate in one direction, then in the opposite direction. Next, twist in different directions. You can perform in one step with the rotation of the hands.

№15 Rotation brushes

A similar exercise, but aimed at the hands. Straighten your palms or make a fist, carry out a circular rotational motion. Especially true for women typing on the keyboard. Effective prevention of carpal tunnel tunnel syndrome, in which the nerve is blocked, disrupting sensitivity, finger movements.

№16 Developing shoulders

Sit comfortably, remove legs under you. Rotate your shoulders and forearms forward, then back, lift up, down. The result is strengthened back, straightened posture.

№17 Fight with a shadow

Fun exercise to help cheer up the whole body. While lying or sitting, beat your fists in the air, imitating boxing with an opponent. Do not move quickly, there is a risk of damage to the joints. You can “kick” the air while lying down.

Charging in bed for weight loss

# 18 Pushups

Perform, you can fully settled on the mattress. Or ease, leaving straight legs on the bed, and his hands to rest on the floor. Next standard – develop push-ups. Useful for the arms, abs and pectoral muscles.

No. 19 with hands

Remotely reminiscent of the movement "scissors", performed by the legs. In this case, the hands will be involved. Practice the swings first along the body, then across the waist.

Charging in bed for weight loss

# 20 Concentration

In this case, nothing is required to bend or twist. Lie on your back, arms along the body, legs together. For 5-6 seconds completely relax, then at the same time, strongly strain all the muscles of the body, feel them. Embody alternating each other.

Exercises in time will take 15-25 minutes, but the usefulness of them will be tangible.

Improving well-being, toned body, vigor, optimism and high productivity during the day – only a small part of the benefits of morning exercises.

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