Bone broth diet for weight loss

The rooster may be a good crow, but the hen still carries eggs.

Bone broth diet for weight loss

Chicken Broth Diet Recipe

Type of diet – mono diet

Weight loss – 7-9 kg per week diet and 2-3 kg during restorative nutrition.

The term of application is 7 days.

Chicken broth diet is very effective and can be successfully used for quick weight loss. In addition, chicken broth is very healthy.

Bone broth diet for weight loss

Since ancient times, outstanding healing properties have been attributed to chicken broth. For his ability to assist in nursing the most severely ill patients among the people, he was nicknamed the Jewish antibiotic.

Chicken broth contains anti-inflammatory substances and helps with colds. Sometimes, it is possible to reduce the high temperature of the flu only with its help.

It helps with diseases of the stomach, reduces blood viscosity, prevents the formation of blood clots, improves the activity of the cardiovascular system.

Chicken broth strengthens the teeth, bones, promotes healing of wounds, fights fatigue, strengthens the immune system and has a lot of useful properties.

In addition, it has only 15 calories per 100 grams and it, as well as possible, is suitable for diets.

Here are just the healing properties of chicken broth directly depend on the correctness of its preparation.

It is very important from which chicken you will cook chicken broth.

Broth with medicinal properties never turn out from broiler chickens. From laying hens can make a good broth. But, the best useful and healing – can be cooked only from home chicken.

Many for these purposes recommend kuru kohinhin breeds. Such chickens are not grown commercially, which means they do not stuff hormones and antibiotics.

KOKHINHINA (French Cochinchine) is the name of South Vietnam in European literature during the period of French domination.

Due to their thick plumage and tasty meat, they are very popular with breeders. It is believed that the meat of this breed of chickens, especially black chickens, contains in its composition a unique protein, which allows you to rapidly lose weight. In addition, this meat improves metabolism, improves immunity and a positive effect on health.

Broth for chicken diet.

For the preparation of healing broth you will need:

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