Audrey hepburn diet

There is no fat ballerina. Otherwise, instead of the dying swan, a Christmas turkey will flutter on the stage.

Audrey, who dreamed of becoming the second Anna Pavlova, from childhood was used to limit herself to food. But hour and a half ballet performances demanded strength, and a growing organism calories. If at the beginning of the war her parents — an English banker and the Dutch baroness — could keep their daughter in a more or less decent physical form, then soon they had to go on a one-time meal.

The menu of those days for the Hepburn family was unchanged: watery soup of wild lettuce and sorrel, a piece of “bread” from pea pods ground into flour and, for dessert, tulip bulbs that young Audrey dug from frozen ground. “I heard somewhere that hunger is dulled in a dream. Then I decided to sleep Christmas, ”Hepburn later recalled, which weighed only 45 kilograms with a height of 1 meter 69 centimeters that year. Anemia, exhaustion and hepatitis accompanied Audrey all his youth.

When at the end of the war the English soldier gave her a cigarette, she barely recovered, swallowing a portion of smoke, and then almost went to the next world, eating five bars of chocolate in one sitting. Despite this, love for chocolate and tobacco Audrey carried through life. For many years, she smoked Gold Flakes, cheap and strong cigarettes, which were subsequently discontinued due to the high content of carcinogenic substances.

“I survived the war years without food, then I began to eat everything that came to my eyes, and especially chocolate. I became fat like a balloon and very ugly. ” As you know, beauties tend to exaggerate their shortcomings, but Audrey, quickly gaining weight, rounded and ceased to be like an elf. This became especially noticeable in the ballet tutu, which the choreographer was not slow to inform her about. Since she had a strong feeling for ballet than for food, she soon returned to normal.

Audrey knew for herself one weakness: she was nervous about the code, then she either did not eat at all, or she had a brutal appetite. Having signed a contract with Paramount and went to New York, Audrey was so tormented by the unknown on the road that she continuously consumed a myriad of hot dogs. In England, meat could only be obtained by ration cards, and here at every step there were juicy steaks. "Food! I finally ate plenty! ”She wrote to her mother.

Audrey hepburn diet

It all ended with the fact that the management of the film studio sounded the alarm. "Instead of an elf with fawn’s eyes, we got a plump pie." Audrey immediately put on a diet. Twice a day she was supposed to eat at the restaurant “Dinty Moor”, where only green salad and tartar meat were put in front of her, which was raw minced meat from the sirloin part, to which were added raw eggs, mustard, worcester sauce, onion, capers and spices. After a month of such a life, the elf got out of the shell of the “pie”.

Already at the height of her fame, Audrey was constantly in a state of "chronic unhappiness" – so her friends dubbed her protracted depression. She lost so much weight, then again came back to normal. Struggling with depression in the company of whiskey and martini, Audrey sometimes asked a guest with whom she was not well acquainted: “You will not be shocked if I pour myself some whiskey? I know that it is still scary early, but has it already struck six somewhere in the world? ”

Audrey hepburn diet

Close tried to monitor her health. In Switzerland, where Audrey had a house and vineyards, fresh meat, fresh eggs and vegetables from the garden were supplied to her table. She loved to feel like a housewife, get up at half past six in the morning, cook breakfast, the menu of which did not change over the years: a slice of ham, roasted on a grill, a soft-boiled egg, toasted wholemeal bread, and herbal tea. At dinner, she often served her favorite dish – spaghetti with creamy sauces, which the Italian cook taught her to cook, and then invited the guests of her neighbors, Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti. If guests were not foreseen, she treated with a piece of cheese and tomato.

In the last years of her life, Audrey Hepburn ate very little, almost abandoning meat and preferring boiled vegetables. Her weight still did not exceed 55 kilograms, and the waist girth was still equal to 50 centimeters.

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