Arthrosis Diet

Osteoarthritis is a disease of the joints, which is manifested in degenerative-dystrophic lesions of the joint. These changes are age-related, that is, they manifest in older people after forty-five years. Deformation affects primarily the cartilage of the joint, the epiphyses of the bones and, in some cases, the soft tissues.

An arthritis diet can only be beneficial in conjunction with the rest of the treatment — drug therapy, physiotherapy, and so on.

The purpose of the diet for arthrosis – the fight against excess weight

The main enemy of the joints is overweight. Most patients suffering from arthrosis of the knee and hip joints are markedly overweight. A decrease in body weight leads to a marked improvement in the condition of the joints.

An effective diet for arthrosis should help reduce excess body weight, while fully providing the body with all the necessary substances.

Choosing a diet, conducting cleansing or starvation, we must be very careful not to bring yourself harm.

Especially careful to treat all kinds of diets for women after 50 years. Elution of calcium can contribute to the development of osteoporosis, and elution of potassium provokes seizures and heart disease.

Regarding the diet, consult with your doctor, especially in the presence of concomitant diseases.

Rules of diet for arthrosis

Diet assumes not only the preparation and introduction of changes to the daily diet, but the observance of the rules of eating.

It should be eaten every 3-4 hours (preferably 5 times a day).

The following distribution of food volume is ideal:

  • The first reception – 5%
  • The second method – 25%
  • The third reception – 35%
  • The fourth reception – 20%
  • The fifth reception – 15%

Since food should be diverse, it is very important to learn how to replace one product with another. Food should be put in the mouth in small portions and pay attention to its careful and unhurried chewing.

It must be remembered that proper nutrition should be not only a diet, but also the daily habit of a lifetime. There is no point in periodically adhering to diets, since any special-purpose diet overloads the work of individual organs, depriving the body of a number of useful substances.

Diet for arthritis: diet

An important place in the diet of arthritis in the diet is occupied by products that have a beneficial effect on the affected joints. These products include:

☀ Oily fish, in particular trout, mackerel, salmon, sardines, herring and cod. For cartilage and bone tissue, fish is simply irreplaceable, it is rich in nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, E and D.

☀ Vegetable oils and nuts – products that contain large amounts of unsaturated fats and vitamin E.

Arthrosis Diet

☀ Turmeric and ginger are spices that help burn fat. Their addition to soups, porridges and salads is advisable both during the diet for arthrosis of the hip joint, and for other localization of the disease.

☀ Peas, beans and lentils – representatives of legumes, which are characterized by a high content of calcium.

Arthrosis Diet

☀ Dairy products and milk – protein is involved in the construction of new tissues, in particular, it allows the restoration of cartilage tissue that covers the articular surfaces of bones.

☀ Vegetables and fruits, especially cabbage, onions, peaches and oranges. The presence of these products in the diet with arthrosis of the joints is justified, firstly, the content of the required amount of carbohydrates, and secondly, their anti-inflammatory effect, which is caused by the presence of vitamin C. In addition, vitamin C is an important element in the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers.

☀ Wholemeal bread and eggs.

☀ Dishes prepared on the basis of gelatin, such as bone broths and cold boils – they are rich in collagen and are of great importance for the strength and flexibility of bones and joints.

Arthrosis Diet

Diet for osteoarthritis of the knee joint. Arthrosis of the foot is no different from the diet for arthrosis of the hip joint, since the localization of the disease in this matter does not matter.

Separately, I would like to highlight fruit juices, which are a real storehouse of nutrients. For example, the use of one glass of fresh orange per day allows a 16% reduction in the risk of developing arthrosis.

In turn, pomegranate juice is able to reduce inflammation and block the formation of an enzyme, the excess of which causes the wear of cartilage. Diet for arthrosis of the joints must necessarily include in the daily menu at least 3-5 spoons of this drink.

Another “hero of the day” is pineapple juice, which owes its anti-inflammatory properties to a special substance, bromelain.

Harmful products

Despite the fact that nutrition for arthrosis of the joints should be quite diverse, there are a number of products that will have to be abandoned:

First of all, under the ban are:

  • fast food.
  • fatty meats (pork and beef).
  • Sausages, wieners and other sausages are also banned.
  • Smoked meats can also be attributed here, since at the present time, unfortunately, they are prepared not in smokehouses, but with the help of a special chemical treatment, the so-called liquid smoke.
  • Fast food products are also strictly contraindicated for arthritis. Also, do not get involved in mayonnaise and refined vegetable oils.
  • Sour fruits and juices from them are harmful for patients.

Anti-arthritic diet provides a limited salt intake (no more than 10 grams per day). It is better not to salt the food in the cooking process, but to spice it up just before the meal.

A warning! Great care should be taken to different pickles, caviar and mineral water with high sodium content.

Products such as yogurt, cottage cheese and sour cream of high fat content, as well as cakes and other pastries with cream, are allowed to be consumed in very small quantities, moreover, in the first half of the day.

Without fail it is necessary to adhere to the correct drinking regimen. Patients suffering from arthrosis of the knee joint, it is recommended to drink at least 1 –

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