Angel diet menu

A lot of diets have been invented, and they all work in one way or another, however, they need to be used wisely, choosing the most suitable for themselves, their bodies.

Angel diet menu

One of the most fashionable diets of the last time is called "Angel Diet". The name is not accidental, because this power system requires just angelic patience from someone who decides to lose weight by applying it. For thirteen days you will have to limit yourself to familiar foods, and even starve a little.

Before you decide to spend the whole thirteen days on the "angel" diet, weigh well all its pros and cons, soberly assess your strengths and capabilities.

Angel Diet Tips

☀ Do not eat salt, sugar or alcohol.

☀ Try to a portion of meat was less than a portion of greens.

☀ Leaf lettuce can be replaced with green celery, spinach, cucumbers, cabbage leaves, as well as add asparagus or green onions.

☀ As a dressing for greens and salads, use olive oil and lemon juice.

☀ Carrots and tomatoes are interchangeable.

☀ Coffee can be replaced with tea (green or black).

☀ For cooking meat, you can use methods such as frying (in vegetable oil), boiling or steaming.

☀ It is best to eat chicken fillet, you can sometimes replace it with fish.

Angel diet menu

☀ You can drink plain or mineral water, and the amount of liquid consumed per day should be at least

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