7 day cabbage diet

Slimming up to 6 kg in 7 days. Average daily caloric content is 650 Kcal.

Grapefruit diet – an effective method to lose weight by a few extra pounds per week. This technique offers a fairly diverse diet, which necessarily includes the favorite of the grapefruit diet, as well as juice from it. Weight loss for a diet course averages 3-4 kilograms, and in some cases up to 6 kg. They say that in this way the figure itself Madonna. Consider a diet in more detail.

Grapefruit Diet Requirements

Be prepared for the fact that sugar, salt, any spices, sauces, fatty meat products, fatty fish (herring, mackerel and their brethren), flour products, corn in any form, white vegetables, carbonated and alcoholic beverages should be excluded from the diet. , milk and sour milk of high fat content.

According to the rules of this diet, you need to eat strictly three times a day, not allowing snacks between meals. Not recommended food after 19 hours. Go to bed need with a slight feeling of hunger. If you do not have time to eat dinner on time, dinner will have to be abandoned. So try not to practice this behavior if you do not want to go to bed hungry.

The basis of the diet is grapefruit and its juice. Citrus is recommended to eat at the beginning of a meal. So it stimulates the process of losing weight more actively, and benefits the body brings significantly more than if it was eaten for dessert. Diet foods such as lean fish (tuna are a good choice), lean meat, low-fat milk and dairy products, canned fish without oil in their own juice, non-starchy vegetables are also honored. From liquids, of course, it is recommended to drink clean water. Unsweetened tea (preferably green brewed) and coffee (not more than one cup during the day) are allowed. You can add a little bit of natural honey to these drinks. More detailed recommendations are given in the diet menu.

The ability of grapefruit to help in weight loss during the research proved, in particular, the American doctor Ken Fujioka. The specialist conducted an experiment with the participation of 100 overweight men and women in varying degrees of manifestation. Volunteers had to drink grapefruit juice and eat half of this fruit before eating. The experiment of the scientist continued for exactly 12 days, after which it was recorded that all participants lost some excess weight. Average plumb lines – 2-3 kilograms. It is noteworthy that at the same time people did not change their habits and ate in the usual way. Doctors recorded a nice bonus in the form of a decrease in the blood of participants in the experiment insulin level. Imagine what kind of results with the help of a grapefruit can be achieved if at the same time you make reasonable changes to your diet and turn it in the direction of proper moderate-calorie nutrition.

It is worth noting that the bitterish peculiar taste of this fruit may not appeal to everyone. However, there are some techniques that will increase the chances of falling in love with a grapefruit, even those who had previously been quite skeptical about its use. The main part of the bitterness is concentrated in the partitions of the fruit. Try to just eat grapefruit without them (for example, with a special spoon with sharp edges, which will help you choose the pulp in the most convenient way). When buying a grapefruit, make sure that it is not too soft. If a fingertip forms a dent on the citrus, then it is overripe. Buy this fruit is not necessary. It is not recommended to acquire a very hard grapefruit, since, on the contrary, it has not yet reached the grave. It should be of medium hardness – resilient, but not soft.

In order not only to lose the kilos after the diet, but also to prevent the malfunction of the internal organs (which is also possible), it is extremely important to complete the diet-method correctly. So, at least in the first 3 days after the end of the diet do not eat any fatty foods and spicy foods. Still daily (at least the first week) drink half a glass-a glass of grapefruit juice to help the body adapt to a new diet and not be afraid of changing the diet.

Grapefruit Diet Menu

Day 1 Breakfast: lean meat or a slice of lean ham (50 g); 200 ml of grapefruit juice; Tea coffee. Lunch: one fruit of a grapefruit; non-starch vegetable salad with fresh herbs (up to 250 g), which is recommended to fill with lemon juice; Tea coffee. Dinner: lean meat (up to 150 g), boil or bake; vegetable salad (about 200 g); a cup of tea with 1 tsp. honey

Day 2 Breakfast: boiled cool chicken eggs (1-2 pcs.); a glass of juice from our citrus; Tea coffee. Lunch: one fruit of a grapefruit; low-fat cottage cheese or a couple of slices of hard unsalted cheese of minimum fat content (50 g). Dinner: 200 g of boiled fish of a low-fat type; the same amount of vegetable salad, which is now allowed to fill not only with lemon juice, but also with olive oil; a piece (about 30 g) of black bread.

Day 3 Breakfast: 2 tbsp. l (dry) oatmeal, steamed water, or 2 tbsp. l savory cereals, seasoned with homemade natural yogurt or low-fat milk (dressing – up to 4 tbsp. l.); a glass of grapefruit juice. Lunch: one fruit of a grapefruit; vegetable soup; Tea coffee. Dinner: boiled chicken breast (about 200 g); 2 baked tomatoes plus half citrus.

Day 4 Breakfast: boiled chicken egg; a glass of homemade tomato juice; Tea coffee. Lunch: one fruit of a grapefruit; 200 g of lettuce vegetables, seasoned with olive oil; black bread. Dinner: boiled vegetables (300-350 g); grapefruit; Cup of tea.

Day 5 Breakfast: 150 g of fruit salad (apple, grapefruit, orange); Tea coffee. Lunch: baked potato of medium size and vegetable salad (200 g). Supper: one fruit of a grapefruit; low-fat boiled meat (portion up to 200 g); Tomato juice (200 ml).

Day 6 Breakfast: lean ham or just a slice of meat (50 g); coffee Tea. Lunch: salad (up to 250 g) of vegetables with fresh greens, sprinkled with lemon juice; grapefruit; Tea coffee. Dinner: lean boiled meat (about 150 g); vegetable salad with lemon juice (200-250 g); a cup of tea with 1 tsp. honey

Day 7 Breakfast: 1 chicken boiled egg (if hungry, then you can, and 2); 200 ml of grapefruit juice; Tea coffee. Lunch: 50 grams of low-fat cottage cheese or cheese; grapefruit fruit. Dinner: boiled fish (200 g); vegetable salad (about 200 g) with greens, in which you can add olive oil and lemon juice; You can eat a slice of black bread.

Contraindications grapefruit diet

  • You can not follow the grapefruit diet for people with gastritis or an ulcer, suffering from allergic reactions to any citrus, taking drugs that lower blood pressure.
  • Also, this diet – not for women in the position and moms who are breastfeeding a child.
  • Such a diet is not suitable for people in adolescence and retirement age.

7 day cabbage diet

Advantages of a grapefruit diet

  • Although the list of permitted foods is limited, the diet menu is quite varied. Do not eat the same thing all week.
  • Relatively dense dinner with the use of protein, as a rule, allows you to saturate the body for a long time and fall asleep without hunger pangs.
  • Also undoubted advantages of the grapefruit diet include the fact that you can lose weight and improve your health on it.

Among the useful properties of grapefruit are the following.

  • It contains vitamin C, which is the strongest natural antioxidant, fighting free radicals harmful to the body.
  • The fruit contains an abundance of various B vitamins that are involved in the process of converting fats, proteins and carbohydrates into useful energy. These vitamins adjust the correct mode of metabolism, promote healthy sleep, eliminate insomnia and improve appetite. Thanks to them, the person does not overeat and feels the saturation threshold more acutely at the right time. Also, B vitamins help the body get rid of toxins and other substances that poison it.
  • Tocopherol is a powerful antioxidant in grapefruit. He is involved in controlling the work of the endocrine system of the body, heart, blood vessels and the nervous system, increasing stress resistance and negating unreasonable mood swings.
  • Dietary fiber found in this citrus reduces the risk of stomach depletion during dieting and adjusts the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Also, the nutrients contained in the fruit help to remove excess fluid from the body, reduce puffiness, lower cholesterol levels, resist gums bleeding and contribute to the overall improvement of the oral cavity.
  • Eating grapefruit reduces the risk of meeting with any type of oncology.
  • Very often, doctors recommend eating grapefruit to people who suffer from anemia.
  • This citrus improves skin elasticity, helping it to get a fresher and more blooming appearance, as well as helps to eliminate cellulite hated by the ladies.

But we must not forget that all these substances are good in moderation, especially vitamin C. Therefore, do not continue the grapefruit diet for more than 7 days.

Disadvantages of the grapefruit diet

  1. Often, people sitting on a grapefruit weekly diet notice a feeling of hunger after breakfast or lunch, which, as you noticed, is much poorer than dinner. You need to get used to this diet.
  2. Some say that switching to this diet causes stomach upset or provokes skin rashes. Any such manifestations are a clear indication that this diet does not suit you. In this case, be sure to stop eating grapefruits and consult a doctor.
  3. Since the diet is rather low-calorie, you may experience weakness, unreasonable irritability, low mood. Nevertheless, in order to withstand such a diet, you need to have a certain willpower, especially if you have not previously sat on diets and are not accustomed to food restrictions.
  4. The ban on food in the evenings can be a problem for working people who are just returning home to a time when they cannot eat. If you want to lose weight on this diet, you may have to rebuild your schedule.
  5. The disadvantages include the additional financial costs of the main product of the diet. Grapefruit does not belong to the most budgetary food products, and some people are embarrassed by this fact when choosing a diet.

7 day cabbage diet

Repeat grapefruit diet

It is not recommended to resort to this diet more than once a month.

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