4 day diet

5-day diet for weight loss

The beach season has already arrived, but you have not had time to get rid of excess fat? Then you will help a 5-day diet for weight loss. Severe restrictions and shock regime stimulate the burning of extra pounds. And a week later you are the star of the beach!

5-day diet for weight loss:

5-day diet for weight loss:

4 day diet

    Day 1: cleaned of toxins.

Day 2: reanimate the digestive tract.

4 day diet

Day 3: make up for the loss of energy.

Day 4: So as not to lose muscle.

Day 1: we are cleared of slags

A 5-day slimming diet begins with a cleansing. Why? An organism with a clogged intestine cannot normally digest food, which means there is no proper metabolism. No diet will be effective if the food is not digested correctly and completely.

To get rid of slags, toxins and other filth will help the classic fasting day on water and apples. It is best to buy low-mineralized water without gas (about 2 liters). It normalizes the water-salt balance of the body and will contribute to cleansing. If you do not like or can not drink mineral water, you can replace it with green tea without sugar and flavors. And apples stimulate the metabolism (although it is better to buy home than from the store).

Drink one tablet of activated carbon every 2 hours. This is the best sorbent available to everyone. It will connect and remove toxins from the body. In addition, with coal, you will not feel hunger.

It is necessary to drink pills 40 minutes before a meal or 40 minutes after, otherwise, instead of harmful substances, it will absorb useful ones.

Day 2: reanimate the digestive tract

Good work of the gastrointestinal tract – the key to rapid weight loss, and just health. To the stomach and intestines work like a clock, eat dairy products. A liter of low-fat kefir or yogurt will help to adjust the bio-balance, and half a kilo of low-fat cottage cheese will provide satiety and replenish calcium reserves.

4 day diet

In the cottage cheese, you can add vanilla, cinnamon, strawberries, kiwi, apples. They are beneficial to the metabolism and stimulate fat burning. In addition, you can drink

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