30kg real weight loss stories

I want to lose 30 kg at home: where to start?

Many believe that it is impossible to cope with obesity at home and it should be treated with special preparations, and not just with diets and physical exercises. Yes, and forcing yourself to stop eating high-calorie cakes and meatballs, sitting on the couch, is also not easy.

However, there are real stories of weight loss of 30 kg and more, even at home, without unnecessary intricacies. The main thing is to want and decide to start the path to a new life.

Lose weight by 30 kg: the real story

The following article is not a hypothetical advice and recommendations of nutritionists, but really proven weight loss method 30 kg at home. Where to start?

The main thing is to want to lose weight. Many people have a certain motivation, it can be different:

  • the desire will please the man;
  • the need for a specific job;
  • desire to improve health and much more.

But remember that if you want to lose weight and start a diet, then there will be no way back to the previous system of nutrition. Or are you beautiful and slim, or do you absorb your favorite cakes in kilograms?

Hunger while losing weight: an enemy or a friend?

If you want to start losing weight, remember: it is absolutely impossible to starve. This is especially true for women over the age of 30. Do not strive to lose weight to the anorexic state, remember that the main thing is health. Therefore, if you want to start the process of losing weight, then do it slowly but surely. Fast weight loss is fraught with such consequences:

  • skin sags;
  • wrinkles begin to appear;
  • internal organs are affected and

Hunger is not conducive to weight loss, primarily due to the fact that uncontrolled fasting during the day can lead to the fact that you literally lash out at any food, and will absorb it in unlimited quantities. Secondly, when fasting, the body begins to save its resources for survival. The metabolism will slow down and the process of losing weight will end. In the end, you will be hungry, but you can not lose weight.

Drink a lot!

Drink plenty of clean drinking water. Volume per day – about 2 liters. At the same time it should be clean water, not tea, coffee or juice. This drinking regime will bring the following results:

  • swelling will disappear;
  • metabolism will accelerate;
  • daily you will steadily lose weight.

A glass of water you need to drink on an empty stomach, you can add a little lemon juice. If small, then two glasses. After drinking, perform your morning procedures, and only then have breakfast.

Drink a little, and after breakfast you can not drink for an hour and do not drink half an hour before the next meal. If your food was rich in proteins, then you can not drink for 2 hours. If squirrels are used for dinner, but don’t drink water at night. Always bring bottled still water to work and drink it at every opportunity.

Key dietary rules, if desired, lose 30 kg

If you want to remove the extra 30 kg of weight, then do not forget to have breakfast. This meal triggers the metabolism procedure, which is why it is so important. The best breakfast is composed on the basis of slow carbohydrates, in particular porridge on water and without sugar. You can add proteins in the form of eggs or cottage cheese. Drink tea or coffee unsweetened, you can add non-fat milk. Eat fractional method 3-5 times a day. but in small portions. You can divide the diet into 3 main meals and two snacks. Under the bite mean kefir or fruit.

Eat so that the body receives all the necessary components:

  • protein (cottage cheese and meat);
  • vitamins;
  • minerals;
  • other nutrients.

Your diet should be balanced. You do not want to eat sausage for the night, if you dine boiled meat with vegetables.

What should be limited and banned?

To lose 30 kg and more, then eliminate forever from the diet "fast carbohydrates", which cause sharp jumps in sugar. So, it can happen after sandwiches with sweet tea for breakfast. After a while, you will begin to experience discomfort, and a little later – be hungry. The fact is that the blood sugar level rose in the morning, and then dropped sharply, which provokes a feeling of hunger.

If you refuse sugar in the morning and replace it with cereals, then you get a portion of carbohydrates that are absorbed slowly, and you will not have a strong desire to eat during the day. But the porridge needs to be cooked without sugar and in water. Another dangerous product is salt. It retains water from fat cells, which does not contribute to losing weight. It is better to abandon it entirely or at least limit its consumption. Exclude from the diet salty foods, such as:

  • Marinated dishes;
  • herring;
  • smoked products.

30kg real weight loss stories

Other dishes salt the minimum and do not salt at all.

Discard refined products and additives. Remove from the diet purchase yoghurts and curd flavors, they contain a lot of preservatives, sugar, flavorings and taste stabilizers.

Replace sausage and sausages with boiled meat, yogurt – with low-fat cottage cheese with fruit. When choosing cottage cheese, be careful, there should not be additives and vegetable fats. The ideal composition – sourdough milk.

Excluded from the diet the following:

  • pasta, vermicelli, cakes, pastries, bread and other products based on high-grade flour;
  • potatoes;
  • mayonnaise, butter, margarine, lard, spreads, sour cream and animal fats;
  • all types of sausages, meatballs, sausages and wieners, fatty meats, dumplings, chicken skin and wings, canned food and smoked meats;
  • fast foods;
  • packaged juices;
  • jam, marmalade, marshmallows, milk chocolate, condensed milk, cream, whipped cream, candy, ice cream;
  • porridge in bags with additives;
  • fatty dairy products and cheeses (fat content of 5 percent);
  • grapes;
  • bananas;
  • sparkling water;
  • vodka;
  • beer;
  • cognac;
  • kvass.

What should be present in the diet for losing weight

Most of the products listed above are included in the diet of many people, and it is not so easy to refuse them. What you need to enter in the menu instead of them, let’s list:

  • grapefruits and apples, other fruits or berries in moderation and only in the morning;
  • any vegetables, including frozen packaged;
  • low-fat dairy products – kefir, milk, cottage cheese and cheese;
  • flaxseed and olive oil;
  • lean meats (veal and beef), skinless chicken;
  • all types of fish (but not smoked);
  • boiled eggs;
  • buckwheat, oatmeal, brown rice, barley and millet;
  • cereal loaves and bread in moderate portions;
  • avocados and nuts – in moderate doses;
  • fresh fruits based on fruits and vegetables – a glass in the morning;
  • coffee, tea, green and herbal – without sugar;
  • dry red wine;
  • in limited quantities – dried fruits, dark bitter chocolate, honey, berries, ground with sugar.

The basis of your diet should be foods which contribute to saturation and have a positive effect on metabolism. Among them:

  • cottage cheese and kefir;
  • buckwheat;
  • green apples, grapefruits, lemons;
  • celery;
  • leafy vegetables and greens;
  • ginger and cinnamon;
  • fish and chicken (fillet);
  • honey;
  • olive oil.

All dishes must be prepared taking into account the fact that these products must be present daily in the diet.

Terms of cooking

If you want to lose weight by 30 kg, remember: nothing can be fried. Optimal ways of cooking:

Pour meat broths, and cook soups and porridges in water. For salad dressing, use lemon juice, olive or linseed oil. Natural yogurt is also suitable. It tastes like sour cream, but less fat.

Buckwheat porridge must be prepared in this way:

  • Pour a glass of clean buckwheat in the evening in a saucepan with 2 cups of boiled water;
  • cover the container with a lid and leave until morning;
  • in the morning the water is absorbed and porridge comes out;
  • warm and can eat.

This porridge is very useful, helps to lose weight and clean the body. It is eaten without sugar and salt, you can drink it with kefir or stick with cottage cheese.

And you can cook steamed vegetables for meat as follows:

  • cut cabbage, sweet peppers, rub carrots, cut champignons;
  • put them in a deep saucepan and add a spoonful of olive oil;
  • simmer until cooked on low heat.

If desired, you can add chicken fillets directly to the vegetables and simmer them all together.

Features of the menu for weight loss

Starting the morning is best with porridge, ideally buckwheat. In the evenings it is better to choose protein foods. Meat only eat with vegetables. Potatoes are an undesirable product, but if you really want to, you can allow it once a week in a stewed form with vegetables, only without oil and meat.

The daily menu may be something like this:

  • a glass of lemon water on an empty stomach immediately after sleep;
  • breakfast – 5 tablespoons of buckwheat porridge, cottage cheese and a glass of kefir. After that – natural coffee with milk;
  • drink plenty of water throughout the day;
  • for lunch, eat apples, cottage cheese or drink kefir;
  • then drink much again;
  • have dinner 4 hours before bedtime. The main course is boiled chicken without skin with raw or stewed vegetables. As an option in the off-season – frozen mixture. Portions should be sufficient not to be hungry;
  • a glass of kefir shortly before bedtime.

How to resist the temptation?

Naturally, if you have a husband and children, you will have to feed them differently. In this mode, break down and again start to gain weight is quite realistic. You such advice will help experienced:

  • start cooking only after eating. If you eat boiled chicken with vegetable salad, then fried chops will not make you want to try them;
  • Do not go to the supermarket or the market on an empty stomach. If you have the opportunity to visit them only after work, then half an hour before the exit, eat some cottage cheese.

Results of the diet

Do not worry about your condition. If you eat right, you will not experience weakness, dizziness, or fainting. And your body will be very pleased that get rid of unnecessary.

However, it will not be easy, especially in the early days, either. At that time getting used to. toxins are eliminated, a headache can hurt, in such cases, just take a pill. But then you get used to the new power system and your condition stabilizes. Over time, you will feel an improvement in overall health:

  • will return to normal pressure;
  • swelling will disappear;
  • walking will be easier;
  • there will be pain in the joints and back.

On average within one month you can lose about 10 kg. then their number will be reduced to 3 kg per month, over time, you will get rid of unnecessary 30 kg.

The result will be the need to change the wardrobe, but for most women it is rather pleasant chores. But now you will look amazing.

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History of weight loss 30 kg Anastasia Rudenko

“I used to look in the mirror and feel shame. Now I look into it and understand that I finally love myself. ” – begins the story of 26-year-old Anastasia Rudenko.

I am the late and only child of my parents. – Anastasia says. – Since childhood, I was surrounded by love, care and a lot of food. I ate what I wanted, where I wanted and when I wanted. My favorite dish was fried potatoes, at one time I could eat a medium griddle, while managing to leave a place for dessert – chocolates and sweets. The result was sad: in school I now and then heard insulting words, and this was not the only trouble.

When I started studying at a university, I stopped hearing insults so often, but I started catching on myself the piteous looks of others. I didn’t fit into the things that my peers were wearing, and every shopping ended in disappointment. As a result, black became the only one in my wardrobe. I tried to be gray mouse, plain and inconspicuous.

Everything got worse when I got financial independence – at 22 I got a job and began to run into the fast food cafes more often. It seemed to me that my work – and it was moving – would contribute to the fact that those extra pounds were not delayed, but that was not the case. Further – worse. In 2012, I changed my “active” work to a comfortable office. A sedentary lifestyle, an uncontrolled diet, lack of sleep – all this led to the addition of another 15 kilograms, at 23 I began to weigh 95 kg.

I was uncomfortable, I started having health problems, I keep quiet about my personal life – it simply did not exist. The first step, or rather, the strong-willed decision to correct the situation for me was the purchase of a subscription to the women’s fitness club with exercise equipment. whose work was based on the principle of hydraulic resistance. For half a year there were minor changes, I was determined to be decisive, but then the subscription suddenly ended, and for some reason I decided that “there’s no point, it still doesn’t work” – and did not renew it.

That all changed in 2015. My friends and I decided to buy a subscription to the gym in the usual format, where both men and girls were engaged. They decided – on the same day they bought, there was no way back. I still remember how my knees were shaking when I first went there. And the first question I asked was: “Do you have a girl coach?”. How happy I was when I was told: "Yes." I began to train according to the personal programs that my coach made for me. She turned out to be not only a wonderful person who supported me from the very beginning of the journey, but also a real professional who led and leads me to my goal.

The first month was hell: I crawled out of the hall, as if plowing three fields, but there were no visible results. But then, imperceptibly for myself, but very noticeably for those around me, I began to change. The numbers on the scales began to crawl slowly down, centimeters melted. Every month I waited for measurements, which showed that everything is not in vain. The main emphasis in training we did on the functional – circular exhausting exercises with a minimum of rest, but we also did not forget about strength exercises. Alternating such a sport with a cardio-load, followed my daily diet: potatoes, buns and chocolates, I said a decisive "no." They were replaced by cottage cheese, eggs, chicken, nuts, vegetables and fruits – in general, they accelerated the metabolism with all their might. And kilograms, like centimeters, began to leave even faster. I can say "went into courage." My trainer Katya said that I had become a legend in the fitness room.

I was so in love with a healthy lifestyle that I began to count the hours and minutes before a workout, and counting calories. The preparation and packaging of food (most often I carry it with me in containers) became a really exciting process for me, because it brought results. My life has changed – the weight has decreased by 30 kilograms, the total "volumes" have become less by 106 centimeters. I understand that there is still a long and difficult path to the body of your dreams, but I am ready for it!

One of the most serious barriers to improving your body is the first steps in the gym. Here are some tips that helped me in that period:

  1. A very important goal and clear motivation. Imagine how / how you will be as a result of classes (not one and not two!). The realization that the benefits of training in the gym is much more than the minuses is very important;
  2. Do not be afraid of toned and pumped girls and guys. It must have been that these “fitons” once went to their first occupation and were embarrassed;
  3. Spare no expense and start your path under the guidance of a professional – this is necessary for setting the technique and faithfully performing all the exercises, which, in fact, will be your key to success;
  4. Lay out to the fullest, so that later to leave the room literally crawling. Then a contrast shower, body cream with a pleasant odor – and you get not only a “surge” of the hormone endorphin, which is a hormone of happiness, but also results;
  5. Wear comfortable and comfortable clothes so that you do not get distracted by the fact that your narrow T-shirt has wrinkles during class;
  6. It is very good if at first you will have a person who came into the hall with the same purpose as you. In my case, they were friends – besides the fact that we were engaged together, we also supported each other morally.

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Lose weight by 30 kg: the real story from our readers

Our reader Nellie loved to treat herself to tasty and high-calorie food. and … almost died. She shared her story with us: about willpower. love of self and crushing victory over weight. Read about that. how to lose weight by 30 kg.

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The story of a girl. thinner by 30 kg

“Four years ago, I weighed eighty-two kilograms. This is with my height of 158 centimeters. The reason for this. generally. there was one — I “stuck” my dissatisfaction with life. At first, I spent ten years in an unhappy marriage. where sex was almost completely absent. and the further. the clearer it became. that this marriage must end.

It was not so easy. Divorce cost me enormous power. nerves and … kilograms. When I received the coveted confirmation of that. I’m a free man. I already lost ten kilos. I was so happy. finding a new figure on the scales and buying new clothes. that almost immediately began to celebrate its return to normal life delicious food.

I love wine. I love sweets. chocolate. fried potatoes and French bread with butter. I love pancakes with condensed milk and tubes with cream. I am very. I love to eat very much. tasty to drink and generally nothing to not deny. Generally. without giving up anything to themselves. a year after the divorce, I reached eighty kilograms. I was sobered up by an attack of high blood sugar and the diagnosis of prediabetes.

The endocrinologist told me very hard. that a woman of my age (I was then thirty-eight) with a child in her arms commits a crime. mutilating their health with inordinate gluttony. And what if I do not stop. I will get diabetes. and can even die. Somehow it really worked on me.

How to lose weight by 30 kg at home

-20 kilograms per year: the real story of our readers

-50 kg: the real story from our readers

I completely abandoned the added sugar. fruits. white flour. rice. potatoes and alcohol. Many walked on foot. seriously watched the size of portions of food. I ate exclusively by the hour. no snacking I was allowed some rye flour. buckwheat or oatmeal (three tablespoons per day) and. in limited quantities. beans (beans. lentils. and so on). I eat a lot of vegetables and some meat or fish every day. You can eat two eggs a day and some cheese. Yogurts are only sugar free. limited amount of milk.

I will not cheat and talk. that the change in lifestyle was easy for me. Not. It was very hard for me. of course. The first month in general, barely legs dragged. headache. constant weakness. The only thing. why I did not give up everything and did not return to previous habits – the fear of losing health. But then, as he did, I suddenly noticed. that I started to sleep better. easier to get up. I have a lot of energy! I get up at 4–5 am and I feel great. keep a cheerful mood throughout the day. and in the evening I fall asleep easily and quickly.

But sport or fitness in my life is not and never will be. Of all the sports areas I am interested only in team games such as volleyball or handball. but my work schedule and lifestyle do not allow me to play regularly. And the rest is boring to me. So all changes in a figure are exclusively and only a diet.

Now I weigh 51–52 kilograms and intend to keep this weight until the end of my days. Yes. I will never taste chocolate again. Do not eat an orange (three slices a day can be), do not drink a cocktail at the bar. It is extremely rare for me to afford a glass of dry white wine. I cook myself. in restaurants I order only the most simple dishes. without sauces and anything suspicious. Do not buy ready-made food. but I eat a lot of vegetables and greens. Now I live and work in China. it’s generally easy. the vegetables here are excellent and very affordable. In Russia, this would be much more difficult.

By the way. I still do not eat added salt. that is, nothing ever sol. But I can eat a couple of olives or a piece of smoked fish. Sounds scary for most. I know. At all. even despite the limitations. the rejection of sugar (I do not even use sugar substitutes) and the restriction of carbohydrates is worth it. Appears lightness. skin condition improves. and generally speaking. you feel like a young woman. I am 43 years old. but I feel much better. than 38. and look much younger. The only thing. what I regret – that I brought the body to a serious diagnosis. I know earlier about the effects of gluttony. I could have stopped long before the critical point. and now would look even better.

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