The best women’s perfume

In the past, the main purpose of wearing shoes was to protect the feet from external factors. Today, it has become part of the way of life, and many people carry it not only as a means of protection, but also to designate their social class. Especially important is their exclusivity and luxury for the fair sex, who must certainly have in their wardrobe a few pairs of original design creations. Some of them are often truly luxurious pieces of jewelery and shoe art that can be worn instead of precious jewelry, while others are considered an important part of the story, which is significantly reflected in their value. top 12 of the most expensive women’s shoes in the world.

The best women's perfume

12th place: Golden Eternal Diamond sandals from the English jeweler Christopher Michael Shellis are a precious jewel that can be worn on your feet. A pair of pure gold shoes is littered with 2,200 diamonds, which justifies their fabulous price – 220 thousand dollars.

11th place: Heels Sandals “Diamond Dream”, which cost 500 thousand dollars, were created by the famous shoe designer Stuart Weitzman in tandem with the jeweler of the company Kviat (Kwiat). For the decoration of exclusive shoes with stiletto heels, the craftsmen used 1,420 colorless diamonds, with a total weight of about 30 carats. Precious stones are fastened to the shoes using pure platinum straps. Lucky woman, who was honored to defile in these shoes on the red carpet at the Academy Awards in 2007, became actress Anika Noni Rose.

The best women's perfumeAnika Noni Rose in “Diamond Dream” shoes:

10th place: Diamond shoes, created by New Zealand designer Kathryn Wilson, are classic white pumps on gold stiletto heels, studded with specially cut stones, laid out with ornate patterns on the entire surface of the shoes. This masterpiece, the total weight of inlaid diamonds which is

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