The best foundation for dry skin

"Vichy Neovadiol" is a complex of caring means intended for mature skin of the age category 45+. It is at this age that the female body is subjected to severe stress: hormonal changes in the menopause period. The processes greatly affect the skin, so it needs special care. Vichy Neovadiol provides optimal recovery and lifting of the dermis and epidermis.

Neovadiol series

Like any complex, "Neovadiol" consists of several items for daily care. These are creams (day, night), serum and a product for the eyes and lips. Formulas have been developed to meet the needs of different skin types. This led to the creation of means of identical action, but adapted to the specific needs of the epidermis and dermis. The Vichy Neovadiol line of products is a compensating complex that aims to deeply restore skin. It is worth noting that the effect is achieved due to the adjustment of the natural processes that occurred in the dermis before the onset of aging.

Each of the products is based on the action of the four components, which together slow down aging and return the skin its former youth and elasticity. These are hyaluronic acid, pro-xylan, hydrovans and Hepes. Depending on the purpose, additional components may be added to the creams. For example, the formula for dry skin is enriched with nutritive oils and is based on thermal water. In total, the series has 7 positions:

  • compensating serum:
  • serum "Magistral" reducing;
  • day cream for dry skin;
  • nutritious balm "Magistral";
  • day cream for normal skin;
  • night cream care;
  • care for the contour of the eyes and lips.

It is worth noting that to achieve the best effect, it is desirable to use a complex of day, night cream, serum and care for the eye area.

Innovative complex "Neovadiol" is considered to be compensating, because it restores the natural processes occurring in the dermis and epidermis to hormonal changes. Receiving those necessary substances that are particularly lacking, the skin is rejuvenated. The serum has a light texture. It is not fat and well absorbed. Thanks to four active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, pro-xylan, gidvans, Hepes), the skin is noticeably smoothed. Oval face becomes clearer. Hyaluronic acid deeply moisturizes the dermis and epidermis, combats dryness and sagging.

Vichy Neovadiol serum is often used as a base for makeup. Its texture is best suited for preparing the face for applying make-up. To do this, on a clean and dry skin with a gentle massage movements distribute a small amount of serum, which resembles a light cream in consistency. Available in a glass bottle with a volume of 30 ml, which has a dispenser.

Daily cream

Continues skin care during the menopause day cream. This is an important element of facial care in the life of every woman, regardless of age. During the day, the skin is under great stress. The environment adversely affects the epidermis: it dries, fills with bacteria, irradiates with ultraviolet light, defrosts with cold or hot air. This markedly undermines her condition. To protect the skin from adverse conditions and provide it with a whole day deep moisturizing and nourishment, it is necessary to apply a day cream.

The best foundation for dry skin

For the age of 45+, Vichy Neovadiol is the best fit. In addition to recovery, he instantly takes care of beauty. An invisible film is created on the surface of the skin that fills all irregularities and visually smoothes wrinkles. Regeneration inside the tissues run components Hepes and Hydrovance. Hyaluronic acid penetrates deep inside and moisturizes the skin, providing it with the necessary amount of water. Day cream for dry skin is additionally enriched with apricot kernel oil. Immediately after application, the discomfort and "tightness" of the skin disappears.

Serum for dry skin

"Vichy Neovadiol Magistral" is a healing elixir for nourishing and restoring skin weakened during menopause. In addition to the rejuvenating complex, the Mainhistral serum contains five times more oils. They contain Omega-3, 6, 9 polyunsaturated acids, as well as y-oryzanol. Despite the fact that the serum is enriched with fatty substances, its texture is velvety, non-sticky. It is well absorbed and leaves no greasy.

"Vichy" offers three ways to use this tool:

  1. As a serum for dry skin.
  2. Add to your favorite cream to enhance nutritional properties.
  3. As a mask: apply a very thick layer and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then remove the remnants of the composition.

Serum "Magistral Neovadiol Vichy" receives excellent reviews. Many have found in this tool their salvation from flaky and dry skin.

Balm Majistral

Balsam "Magistral" can fully replace the day cream, because it has the same properties. But additionally it is enriched with a complex of nourishing and caring oils. In fact, it is a mixture of day cream and serum. Perfect for dry and nourishing skin. It is used in the morning and, if necessary, during the day.

The best foundation for dry skin

Cream "Vichy Neovadiol" night

At night, the whole body needs quality rest, and the skin is no exception. Dark time is the period of active cell division and restoration of the dermis and epidermis. Vichy Neovadiol Night Cream is the best aid to mature skin in this process. In addition to the rejuvenating and moisturizing effect, the formula provides morning freshness. The caffeine in its composition helps to improve the microcirculation of the skin of the face, thereby eliminating puffiness.

The texture of the cream is silky, pleasant to the skin, non-sticky. It is well absorbed and leaves no greasy. It is recommended to apply after cleansing the face. A good result will be applied before the night cream serum.

"Neovadiol" around the eyes

Light cream for the area around the eyes and lips is based on thermal water, growth stimulants and pro-xylan, which help smooth out wrinkles and regenerate tissues. Eperulin soothes, relieves irritation and inflammation. "Vishy Neovadiol" received good reviews: the tool copes with crow’s feet and facial wrinkles, as well as swelling under the eyes. Even sensitive skin reacts favorably to this cream: all thanks to its natural composition.

The best foundation for dry skin

"Vichy" is considered a medical cosmetics, and why is famous for its high quality. Among the components you will never find parabens, dyes, fragrances. All unwanted ingredients are minimized to ensure maximum skin care. What is the cost of "Neovadiol Vichy"? The price of a series of funds on average is 2500 rubles, the serum may cost a little more. These are quite reasonable requests for a manufacturer who pays special attention to the naturalness and hypoallergenic composition.

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