Perfumes that men like

The complete image of each girl is unthinkable without a drop of your favorite perfume. Good perfume perfectly complements it: the fragrance is perceived as part of your "I". Therefore, the choice of toilet water should be approached seriously and carefully. It is necessary to take into account many factors: when and with what you wear, time of year and even age. There are scents that sound good only on adult ladies. Many are beginning to look for information online, intending to buy good perfume for a girl. Reviews, of course, a good option to learn more about perfume. But it is necessary to take into account such factors as subjectivity. The fact that for one categorical “fi” may seem like a masterpiece to another. Therefore, it is better to test the toilet water directly on yourself and already watch how it will play on your skin.

Nevertheless, there are compositions that confidently hold in the leaders of sales and are favored by customers. About them will be discussed.

Number One

The first place women of the whole world have been sharing for more than one year between Chanel and Dior, singing laudatory odes to their favorite fragrances. Both are good spirits. They are high-quality, persistent, perceived by maste-hev.

Miss dior edp

An elegant bottle with a flirty bow asks for a hand, shimmering beautifully in the light. Elegant, sophisticated, infinitely feminine and at the same time strict. The contents of the bottle to match the frame.

The aroma is bright, rich, with the first notes it feels class.

The top of the perfume composition is revealed with fresh citrus notes, the sound of Sicilian mandarin, bergamot and red orange is played around them. The heart is floral and delicate; in it are woven the chords of a delicate rose, languid jasmine and a Tunisian orange on a floral background. The base contains vetiver, musk, sandalwood and patchouli.

The aroma is warm, enveloping. Ideal for cold days, warming and uplifting. Young girls like the fragrance, but these good perfumes are suitable for older women.

Chanel chance eau fraiche

If you are interested in good perfume for girls with a floral scent, pay attention to this perfume from Chanel. Someone may sniff and deny the pop and haze of the brand, but is that so? Virtually every girl dreams of fragrance from a famous French brand.

A strict and elegant bottle attracts with its design: everything is clear and concise, without coquetry. The aroma itself is the same. Light, fresh, persistent and noble. It will be a breath of fresh air on the hottest day of summer and will ring loudly on the skin in winter.

In the top notes of the perfume dominated by citruses, they are delicately accompanied by cedar, not drowning out the main motif. Floral notes of jasmine and water hyacinth flavored with fragrant pink pepper are revealed in the heart. Pepper is very soft, it is almost not felt on the skin. The base is more powerful than white heart and top (white musk, teak, vetiver, patchouli, amber and iris), but at the same time unobtrusive and not suffocating.

Despite the presence of eau fraiche markings in the title, eau de toilette is resistant: it lasts on the skin for 8 hours exactly, on clothes it is more.

Before you buy, if you are not familiar with the aroma, be sure to listen to its sound on the skin. "Chanel" is very capricious in a sock.

Another leader in luxury perfumery, confidently occupies the first position in the top selling aromas. If you are looking for a good perfume for a girl, Cucci flora eau fraiche and Gorgeous Magnolia have the highest rating.

Gucci eau fraiche

The aroma that many associate with spring. It is fresh, light, stable, with a multi-faceted pyramid. This is a good perfume that will fit every day: without pathos, but not simple.

Eau de toilette gracefully combines fruit notes and floral chords, complementing them with a peppery sandalwood shade. The aroma reveals a bright citrus sound of bergamot, lemon, mandarin and kumquat, complemented by a slight bitterness of peony. Rose and osmanthus reign in the heart, diluted with muted water and green chords. The base shows pink pepper, sandalwood and patchouli, but they are very delicate and do not spoil the composition. Aroma very resistant, shleyfovy.

Gorgeous magnolia

Beautiful floral fragrance from the collection of Flora Garden won the heart of more than one girl. What is so attractive about him?

Simple, but very feminine, romantic and unobtrusive. It is perfect for a summer flying dress, as well as for a strict business suit. He does not beat on the spot, and gently wins.

The top notes of fruit and berry, the combination of pears and ripe red berries charge a positive attitude, not slipping into excessive cloying. In the heart of the gardenia and frangipani sounds, in the base – soft patchouli chords.

Perfumes that men like

Dolce gabbana

The next rated brand is “Dolce and Gabbana”. Two compositions of the fashion house, despite the release of new products, are still popular.


One of the most recognizable flavors in the world, it is difficult to confuse with something else. Someone thinks this is a minus, but both bought and bought perfume.

This is a holiday scent, the scent is a good mood. Fruity, tasty, slightly sour, not powdery.

The aroma reveals chords of rhubarb and kiwi, flavored with a small pinch of pink pepper. But this bitterness is almost not felt. In the heart, fruit and pepper chords are complemented by a berry-floral sound: watermelon, jasmine and cyclamen enter. The base is musky-woody: lemon tree, musk and sandalwood.

The fragrance confidently rests on the skin for more than 6 hours.

Light blue

Aroma is a classic. Not because it is strict and reminds about the office, but because of its undying popularity since its launch in 2001.

The fragrance belongs to the family of floral fruit. It is fresh, summer, bright and, of course, recognizable.

In the top notes are combined green apple, slightly sour lemon, sweet bell and tartness of white cedar. The heart reveals notes of bamboo and white flowers (roses and jasmine). The base is musky and woody.

Perfumes that men like

The entire pyramid perfume is revealed gradually, it is not a fragrance – one note, the transitions are very soft, but the leitmotif is citrus, they are heard even at the end of the day, even if hardly perceptible.

Perfume will please those who love persistent good perfume: it lasts more than 8 hours.

Givenchy ange ou demon le secret edt

Another good perfume for a girl. The photo shows the original design of the bottle, characteristic of the entire line of "Enge o Damon." The fragrance is one of the best-selling bestsellers.

Some customers note that sugar and apples clearly sound on the blotter, but the fragrance on the skin opens in a different way: floral chords prevail. So do not buy blindly.

Aroma belongs to the family of floral and fruit. Top notes sound bright and juicy: a combination of red apples and sugar will be enjoyed by sweets. In the heart, the aroma becomes more subtle and restrained: jasmine flower roses, roses and a slight tartness of tea come to replace the “snack”. The base is warm: musk and patchouli.

The aroma is pleasant, perfect for everyday wear. Its only drawback is a small persistence: it sounds bright only for 3-4 hours, then it is heard only in the personal zone.

Escada Agua del sol

If you want to feel the summer, then this is the perfect scent. It is bright, juicy, sunny. The one with whom it will be joyful, even in cloudy weather. Escada is famous for its limited launches, and this perfume was no exception.

The fragrance will appeal to those who love sweet, delicious perfumes.

Top notes are a mix of citrus, raspberry, sorbet, ice cream, pear and pink pepper. Pepper is not felt at all, dominated by raspberries and pear. The heart of the chords of rose and apricot, the latter is definitely more, the rose behind it is almost unheard of. The fruit orgy is trying to balance the base: sandalwood, tonka bean and white musk slightly muffle the fruit, but they do not go away and just as confidently sound even after 4 hours of socks.

Some blame the fragrance for instability, so these good perfumes for girls rating are not the highest. However, it all depends on the chemistry of the skin, on someone the perfume lasts a long time and is perfectly audible even in the evening.

Instead of an afterword

First of all, when you are going to buy a fragrance, you should not forget that the good perfumes for the girl are those that she likes. Rating is not important if the perfume is the one that you have been looking for. If you feel comfortable with him and you feel like a goddess, then the brand and the reviews are the tenth thing.

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