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Choosing the best online stores in Russia

The popularity of online stores is growing every year. In some of them you can find things that are not sold in “offline” boutiques and are only available for ordering over the network.

The choice in them is often much more

So, let’s move on to the list itself, where we collected only the best online stores in Russia.

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Our TOP 30 best online stores, we start with the universal. That is, those where you can immediately buy a tablet, shoes and garden tools.

They are distinguished by a wide choice of the most diverse categories of goods, but at the same time a specific line can be presented rather poorly.

For example, only popular brands, models.

One of the best online stores selling branded clothes and shoes in Russia. Women’s and men’s items are available for selection.

All of them are conveniently sorted into different categories: by season, new, by brand and

Additionally, you can find things for a particular case, for example for a wedding or office.

Past collections are constantly discounts, but only for a limited time.

At Asos, you can find accessories, products for body care, beauty. There are convenient filters for searching and sorting things.

If the product does not fit or differs from that presented on the website, then you can issue a free refund.

  • branded items at an affordable price;
  • discounts on premium products;
  • fast delivery, free return;
  • payment online, in cash to the courier.


Like other best online stores in Russia, Wildberries offers customers only quality items.

In total, the site has more than 40 thousand items from famous brands.. For new and regular customers discounts, special offers.

At Wildberries, you can buy not only shoes and clothes for all seasons, but also electronics, jewelry, and even household goods, cottages.

The site has a convenient search, a huge number of filters for sorting.

  • wide range of;
  • global brands;
  • fast delivery;
  • special offers, regular discounts, promotions.

Highly specialized online stores

Next in the list of the best online stores will be those that specialize in the sale of strictly certain goods.

For example, on sites that sell clothes and shoes, other related categories can be additionally presented.

But, as a rule, they are too few to call a universal mall.

Digital online store offering more than 100,000 items, including televisions, photo and video equipment, smart phones, computers and other portable equipment.

Additionally, you can find and select office equipment, furniture, network equipment on the site.

Dns is one of the largest electronics retail chains in Russia.

In addition to the huge number of branded retail outlets, includes electronic discounters under the brand Technopoint.

As in the CSN, here you can find more than 100 thousand products. In general, they have approximately the same range, prices and delivery terms.

  • one of the largest networks for the sale of technology, electronics;
  • favorable prices

    Russian equivalent of a foreign Amazon.

    A wide choice of things, ranging from books and electronics, to clothing and tickets (air, railway).

    The resource works throughout Russia and delivers goods even to remote regions.

    More than 100,000 products from the most popular domestic and foreign manufacturers are available for ordering.

    You can place an order at any time.. Cash and cashless payments are available for payment.

  • fast delivery
  • wide selection;
  • affordable rates for customers living in remote areas of Moscow;
  • a huge number of points for self-collection, including through special postamats;
  • There is a discount system for Ozon discount card holders.

Russia’s largest network of electronics and home appliances stores.

All items presented on the site are available for purchase at retail outlets (subject to availability in a particular salon).

Wherein delivery of any of them can be ordered without problems.

Since it is carried out directly from the warehouse. Express delivery service is valid, on the day of registration and confirmation of purchase.

There is a special loyalty club.

Its members can save bonuses for each purchase, with which it will be possible to pay further payments (but only part of the amount).

The store actively participates in the worldwide Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday discount promotions.

  • delivery throughout Russia (for some localities there is a service of express delivery, on the day of registration);
  • loyalty club, promotional codes;
  • cash and cashless payments;
  • You can get a loan installments.

One of the best online stores for ordering and buying electronics, home appliances.

Additionally, Eldorado sells everything for outdoor activities, tourism, repairs and pet supplies.

More than 100 000 items of products from different categories.

Despite the fact that the company has a large network of retail outlets, most goods are available only when ordering online.

In offline stores you can usually buy only the most popular models of electronics, home appliances.

This happens because the rest of the products are stored in warehouses, from where it is delivered throughout Russia.

Detailed tariffs on its cost and other conditions (minimum amount, term) are indicated on the official website, in the appropriate section.

  • loyalty club for regular customers of the company;
  • promotional codes, cashback;
  • cash and cashless payments;
  • constantly participates in large discount promotions (Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and others);
  • There is a delivery, you can pick up the goods from the pickup point, shop.

Large electronic discounter. In addition to small and large household appliances, on the site you can buy furniture, things for outdoor activities and hobbies.

Features a wide selection of brands available.. For regular customers there is a bonus system, there are promotional codes with which you can pay up to 30% of the amount for certain categories.

It is a discounter, therefore, offers products at a price below market.. Additionally, he constantly holds discount promotions, participates in “Black Friday”.

  • most things are electronics;
  • There is a free delivery throughout Russia;
  • many points for pickup;
  • bank cards, electronic money, cash (courier, after receiving the order) are accepted.

One of the most popular online malls.

Like other best online clothing stores in Russia, offers its customers products for men, women and children. In the assortment you can find products from well-known domestic and foreign brands.

Additionally, on the Lamoda website, you can purchase body and skin care products, everything for sports, accessories.

The resource regularly holds discount promotions, special offers for regular customers.

Past collections of clothes and shoes can always be bought at a reduced price.

Online cosmetics store with free delivery by mail

  • several delivery methods (courier, pickup, by mail);
  • payment in cash or by credit card;
  • discount promotions and unique offers;
  • quality clothing and shoes from global brands at an affordable price.

Book online store with a wide choice of fiction and scientific literature, journalism.

Comics, special editions are available for ordering, including collectible, gift and in foreign languages.

In addition to books on the site you can find magazines. Additionally, there is a pre-order service for those publications, which will go on sale very soon, in a limited series.

There is a service for the exchange of already read books between customers of the store.

Maze encourages any feedback from its readers..

There are review bonuses, which can be spent on subsequent purchases in the store.

  • accumulative bonuses;
  • a huge number of available payment methods;
  • fast delivery (approximate date is indicated immediately on the site);
  • additional services.


One of the largest networks selling sports equipment, clothing and footwear for outdoor activities..

It features a wide network of offline stores and convenient delivery terms. World-famous brands like Demix, Adidas, Outventure, Columbia and Puma are available on the site.

You can pay immediately after placing and confirming the order directly on the website, in cash to the courier, or at one of the pickup points.

Additionally, there are discounts, promotional codes. Sportmaster delivers goods throughout Russia.

Including not only at home, but also at any specified address, for example, in the office or outside the city.

  • sports discounter;
  • in the assortment of both premium and cheaper brands;
  • delivery of only certain groups of goods;
  • Special offers and discounts for members of the bonus program.

The official website of the best online store selling children’s goods.

Here you can find everything you need for the little ones (toys, diapers, food) and for older children.

In total, the online store contains more than 10,000 items. All of them are conveniently sorted by category.

The assortment of the mall has everything you need for school (including uniforms, textbooks, stationery), for sports and outdoor activities.

A separate category is presented products for creativity and hobby.

The children’s world differs from competitors in a huge number of brands available to order, original high-quality goods at an affordable price.

  • only global brands;
  • original products from the manufacturer;
  • discounts, special offers for new and regular customers;
  • delivery throughout Russia;
  • cash and cashless payments.


Moscow Internet retailer with a huge amount of goods available to order.

The assortment of the store includes computers, small and large electronics, household appliances, books, pet supplies, everything for garden and creativity.

Total – more than 200 thousand items.

Its only and, perhaps, its main drawback is the lack of delivery to the regions.

The company works only with clients who live in Moscow, the region and nearby localities (located no more than 100 km outside the Moscow Ring Road).

Not only new, but also discounted items are available for purchase.. They are sold at a discount and have minor defects (scratches on the case, damaged packaging, incomplete equipment).

They, as others, are affected by the warranty.

  • delivery only in Moscow and the region;
  • wide range of;
  • there are discounted products;
  • paid delivery.

One of the largest online stores selling items from different categories.

In 2017, he ranked second in the number and amount of orders made, second only to Wildberries.

Most of the things you can buy not only online, but also in the supermarket.

  • wide selection;
  • several ways to pay for orders (using electronic payment systems, bank cards, cash to the courier);
  • items for pickup;
  • gift certificates, bonus system (which you can accumulate and use to pay for future purchases).

The main disadvantage of Yulmart – lack of delivery to remote regions of Russia. For a complete list of available rates, see the website.

One of the largest online supermarkets.

In the assortment of the store you can find products for the kitchen, cars, household appliances (including built-in appliances) and everything for the home.

Additionally he sells garden tools, seeds, finishing materials, plumbing and pet products.

Delivery in the Sverdlovsk region is carried out by the largest transport companies.

therefore tariffs for each locality may vary greatly.

You can pay online, by bank transfer or cash to the courier.

  • main market – Sverdlovsk region;
  • no bonus system, promotional codes;
  • a large selection of household goods (plumbing, decoration materials, everything for the garden);
  • paid delivery outside the region;
  • cash and cashless payments.

Like other best Russian online stores with free shipping, Iksky offers its customers a huge selection.

The range of electronics (including office equipment, network and trade equipment, complete security systems), consumables and even software.

You can pay in xcom-shop in cash and non-cash money. The site accepts plastic cards Visa, Mastercard and World.

You can also watch and order things through mobile apps for Android devices, iOs.

They are available for download in the Appstore and Play Market.

  • free delivery to the regions;
  • many items for pickup in Moscow and St. Petersburg;
  • several ways to pay (in cash, online);
  • There is a mobile application.

Like the best online stores in Russia, Top Shop has been operating in the domestic market for over 20 years and offers customers more than 20 categories available on the site.

There are more than 100,000 items in total, including shoes, clothes and electronics from famous brands..

In addition, you can find other useful and interesting information (news, recipes, reviews and quizzes) on the site. You can pay for the order in any convenient way, both online and in cash to the courier.

  • delivery throughout Russia;
  • several ways to pay;
  • you can get a loan;
  • bonus system and regular promotions;
  • A huge number of items for pickup.

The largest manufacturer and store selling goods for the home, beauty and body care.

Each product presented on the site is a unique development of an internal scientific institute.

All ingredients are grown and produced on Amway’s own farms.

Therefore, ordering the company’s products on the site, you are guaranteed to receive only quality products.

Another difference of the mall is the opportunity to become a partner of the company. Then on all products will be an additional discount.

  • high-quality, original company products;
  • fast delivery throughout Russia;
  • points and terminals for pickup;
  • several payment methods available.

World famous online store, where you can order and buy furniture, items for interior decoration.

The online mall presents a huge amount of original products at an affordable price.

Additionally, on the site you can find other interesting information, reviews, tips on caring for furniture.

Ikea offers its customers several ways to deliver. But it is valid only for those localities in which there is the offline store itself.

For residents of other cities there is no delivery.

  • original products;
  • fast delivery;
  • orders are available only to residents of those cities in which there is an Ikea store;
  • furniture assembly services;
  • constant discounts, promotions.

Yves rocher

Yves Rocher – popular retailer of cosmetics and products for body and hair care.

All products that are presented on the site are available for purchase in offline stores (subject to availability).

They are made in France and only from ingredients of plant origin.

The web resource has a clear interface, convenient search and a huge number of filters with which you can quickly find any desired product.

Delivery is carried out throughout Russia, You can pay for the purchase online or upon receipt.

  • the site has a special service that will help you choose cosmetics;
  • regular e-mail newsletters with new products and great deals;
  • constant discounts, promotions;
  • free samplers


Popular online mall specializing in the sale of electronics, large and small household appliances.

Additionally, the site contains accessories, cables for connecting audio and video equipment.

All products are conveniently sorted by category. You can place an order at any time of day, seven days a week.

For this, the Mediamarket employs more than 400 managers who are always ready to help.

The site constantly operates discounts, special offers, timed to coincide with any event (the beginning of the school year, “Black Friday”, Cyber ​​Monday).

  • a wide range of products from different price categories;
  • free shipping;
  • there is an installment plan;
  • bonus system, discounts.

The largest mall that specializes in clothing and footwear.

Additionally, on the site you can find various accessories, products for children and for the home (bed linen, textiles, dishes). All presented products are of high quality and belong to a high price category.

For ordering things are available world-famous brands, including Togas, Stilars, Naturel, Conso, Ralf Ringer, Trussardi, Max Mara.

Online cosmetics store with free delivery by mail

Even though the store is considered premium, discounts on goods of expensive brands periodically.

This is especially true of last year’s collections.

  • premium products;
  • world famous brands;
  • fast delivery;
  • cash and cashless payments.

One of the largest construction online stores, specializing in the sale of trade materials.

It has a pleasant and comfortable design. There is a loyalty club for regular customers. Special discount offers are available to its members.

Delivery is carried out throughout Russia, including remote regions and settlements.

To do this, each order is processed by employees individually.

Delivery method and tariffs are specified individually and depend on the chosen transport company, courier service.

  • a wide selection of a variety of building materials;
  • affordable prices;
  • guarantee, convenient conditions for the return of defective goods or if the article was confused;
  • individual approach to delivery for customers who live in remote regions of Russia.

The best online store of seeds in Russia.

More than 5,000 items are available for selection on the site, including seeds, books, saplings and other equipment necessary for working in the garden. Delivery is carried out throughout Russia, via courier EMS service.

There is no minimum order amount. But if its total cost is less than 100 rubles, it will be necessary to make an advance payment.

This can be done online, by bank transfer or by postal order (via details). More expensive orders can be paid in cash upon receipt.

  • several ways to select an order are available;
  • wide range of;
  • fast delivery;
  • You can pay with electronic money (Web Money, Yandex Money, Qiwi), by credit card.

The best and one of the most popular online stores selling original custom-made T-shirts.

More than a thousand ready-made prints are available for selection on the site (from designers and regular users).

Online cosmetics store with free delivery by mail

Additionally, there is a built-in designer that allows you to feel yourself a designer and create a unique print, add any text and image.

You can order not only a T-shirt, but also a T-shirt, a sweatshirt, any other souvenirs (covers, mugs, magnets, etc.) with an original pattern, lettering.

Prints are printed only on the basis of high quality. 100% cotton and knitwear are available.

  • a huge selection of already finished products;
  • convenient built-in designer to create unique products;
  • high quality material;
  • fast delivery throughout Russia;
  • payment online (by credit card, electronic money), cash to the courier.

The best vape shop in Russia. On the site you can find and quickly buy everything you need, including tanks, mods, liquids and accessories.

For each product, you can leave a review, rate, read reviews from other users. They can be sorted by rating, other parameters (more than 10 filters in total).

A separate category is presented discount products. From time to time, accessories, tanks, batteries, necessary for soaring, appear here.

Everything needed on the web resource will be found by those who are used to independently produce liquids.

A wide selection of flavors, bases and other ingredients from different price categories.

  • delivery to the door (courier service), by mail, to the nearest point of pickup;
  • reasonable prices and constant discounts, promotions;
  • domestic and foreign brands;
  • a wide range (ranging from mods and atomizers and ending with flavors for every taste).

The largest skate shop in Russia. For online ordering available shoes, clothing, sports equipment and more. There are more than 50 different categories.

All names presented on the site are conveniently sorted by brand, date of receipt (new items separately), purpose.

The range is constantly updated, new categories are added..

Today you can order on Proskater not only products for skaters, but also scooters, gyroscooters, games.

On the site you can find clothes for all seasons for summer and winter sports.

  • constant discounts, replenishment of the range;
  • cash and cashless payments;
  • several ways to receive an order (by mail, courier service, pickup points);
  • only global brands.


Like other best online shoe stores in Russia,

The site presents products from popular brands., who have long been popular.

There is a convenient sorting filters for quick search of the desired product.

Additionally, you can buy tights, accessories, bags.

As for brands, in the online store you can meet representatives of premium and economy class.

There are shoes for all seasons, different styles. Delivery is carried out throughout Russia.

The buyer can choose for this transport company, courier service., Order by mail.

If the city has items for self-pickup, then it will be possible to pick up goods from there.

  • brands of different classes and price categories;
  • delivery throughout Russia, including to remote regions;
  • there is an installment plan;
  • in the assortment not only shoes, but also accessories;
  • On the site you can find additional information, tips on caring for shoes.

Best online pet store in Russia.

On the site you can order everything you need to care for pets. A separate category contains products for cats, dogs, rodents, fish and birds.

Therefore, it is not necessary to look separately for food and vitamins that suit your pet.

Delivery is carried out throughout Russia. Its cost depends on the conditions and method (transport company, courier service). Therefore, rates can vary greatly.

Residents of some cities can pick up an order at one of the pickup points (subject to availability).

Their list is constantly updated, so look for up-to-date information on the Petshop official website.

  • premium and economy class brands;
  • everything necessary for animals, ranging from toys and hygiene products to carrying and feeding;
  • fast delivery throughout Russia.

4 points – the largest representative office of the retail company Power International Shi.

On the site you can find all the most necessary products for motorists.

Online store is considered one of the best in the field, therefore, it is popular not only among ordinary drivers, but also professionals.

Delivery is carried out throughout Russia. Pickup is available from the company.

If it is not in your city yet, then the order will be available at the nearest point (you can choose on the map) or arrange delivery through the transport company, courier service.

Therefore, tariffs will depend on the chosen method of delivery, the distance of the settlement.

  • imported and domestic tires, wheels, batteries;
  • fast delivery;
  • in the assortment row there are only world famous brands;
  • for each product you can see customer reviews;
  • manufacturer’s warranty, payment on credit.


One of the best in the Russian segment shop selling digital, household and built-in appliances for home, goods for giving and repairing, electronics.


Additionally, discounted products are available to customers, which are sold at a discount due to minor defects in appearance (scratches on the case, dents on the box), which do not affect the performance of the technology itself.

Discounts are constantly on the site, which are updated every week or season, so do not forget to subscribe to the newsletter to always be aware of profitable offers.

  • warranty service, service repair, connection and installation of equipment;
  • there is a wholesale department;
  • discount program for regular customers;
  • You can purchase discounted equipment.

We reviewed the best online stores in Russia. The most popular centers for the sale of electronics, clothing. They account for more than 60% of all transactions that are made online.

Most of the online malls from our TOP-30 offers its customers favorable discounts and offers on certain products or entire groups, categories.

In addition, they have a free delivery service (the amount of the minimum order is different for everyone).

Below is a table where we collected the most important information in our opinion, which will definitely help in searching and choosing the best online store.

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