Keeping your own makeup

Organizers help us not only quickly find the right things. Thanks to them, it has become easier to store unnecessary items, because there is simply no room for such. We invite you to learn how to make an organizer for the office with their own hands.

Types of storage devices

The organizer for the office is a device for organizing and storing pens, pencils, scissors, brushes, stickers, notes, clips, buttons and other small things that we use at the desk at home and in the office.

  • desktop (stand stationery);
  • wall (for example, corkboard);
  • those that are placed in boxes (dividers and drawers).

There are many purchased organizers made of plastic, acrylic, wood. Their main disadvantage is that not all models are suitable for the workplace. For example, your box may have non-standard sizes, and all existing boxes will be either large or small. The separators made by hand will correspond to the sizes you need. And you can make them from any available materials.

DIY Organizer Cardboard

Such a box for different stationery looks like it was bought in a store. In fact, it is a thick cardboard craft. It is best to use the one that remained from the packages from under household appliances. Such an organizer made of cardboard with their own hands is not difficult, but the work requires special care.

The order of its creation is as follows:

  1. Take a thick cardboard from under the packaging box.
  2. Draw on it all the details and cut them with a stationery knife (see picture above).
  3. Take a few sheets of white cardboard and paste on it the details of the organizer.
  4. Cut out the details along the contour. As a result, you should get blank with white walls.
  5. Do the same again, only now paste the other side white.
  6. If you want, paint the blank in the desired color.
  7. Collect all the details among themselves. It should turn out the frame of the organizer.
  8. Cut strips of white cardboard. In width, they should be equal to the thickness of the package used for the frame.
  9. Smear glue with PVA glue on the ends of the organizer and glue strips of cardboard.
  10. Two drawers that you collected earlier, paste inside with plain white printer paper.

All is ready! It remains to put here the necessary items.

The second version of the desktop organizer

This kind of device is suitable for those who are engaged in various creative work: draws, creates postcards and various crafts, and so on. After all, it is intended for storing and organizing a large number of pens, felt-tip pens, brushes, pencils and the like.

The organizer is made out of the box and cardboard cylinders. You can use those that remain after using toilet paper, bags, T-shirts, foil, cling film or parchment.

We make a desktop organizer with our own hands in the following way:

  1. Cover the box with colored paper, wallpaper, adhesive paper or cloth. The cover of the box can be used as a pallet. In this case, it also needs to be decorated.
  2. Cut the cardboard cylinders so that they are all the same length. They should not be too high, because then it will be inconvenient to get stationery items. Also, do not make the cylinders below the walls of the box. Then there will be no separators visible.
  3. Paint the prepared cylinders with acrylic paints or gouache. They can also be pasted over with paper or decorative tape.
  4. Connect the cylinders to each other with glue (PVA, glue gun, etc.). Remember that the tubes should fit in the box. Therefore, their number and assembly depends on the size of the latter.
  5. When the cylinders stick together, place them inside the box.

Keeping your own makeup

The organizer is ready. It remains only to fill it with pens, pencils and other office.

Keeping your own makeup

Order in the drawers of the table

Organizer also helps to clean up the drawers of the table, out of the box which will not be difficult to do. Only now you will need to take a lot of different boxes that you have collected for so long and finally they come in handy. If you do not have boxes, then make them yourself from thick cardboard.

And now we will learn how to make an organizer for the office with our own hands for a desk drawer:

  1. Take all your boxes. Suitable packaging of cereals, cereals, tea and so on.
  2. Arrange the boxes inside the box where you need an organizer. Try to place them more tightly and in such a way that the whole space is filled.
  3. When you have decided on how the organizer will look, measure the height of the walls of the desk drawer on each box.
  4. Cut off the waste from them.
  5. Take color paper, self-adhesive, wallpaper and paste over each box. You can use as one color, and many different shades. The box needs to be pasted over from the inside, since it is the inside that will be visible.
  6. Re-place the finished boxes inside the box. If they are not tight to each other, you can connect them together with glue or double-sided tape.

Bright organizer for the desk drawer is ready. It is possible to store writing objects, small office supplies (buttons, paper clips, erasers), scissors, stapler and much more, and it is easy to find objects in a certain place.

Use walls

Wall organizers help to remove some objects from the table, thereby increasing the working space. And if you approach the creation of the panel creatively, then it can also become an object of art.

We give instructions on how to make an organizer for the office with your own hands so that it can be hung on the wall:

  1. Take a piece of beautiful cloth. You can use the old curtain.
  2. Make a few holes on one side and trim their edges. Instead of holes, you can attach the loop.
  3. Take a few shreds and cut them into pieces to make pockets. It is not necessary that they be rectangular. For example, you can make triangular pockets.
  4. Spread the pockets on the canvas so that you are comfortable to use them. To do this, think about what you are going to store in them.
  5. Pin the scraps to the fabric with a sewing pin.
  6. Take a thick thread (for example, a woolen thread) and sew the pocket with large stitches.
  7. You can also make loops. To do this, sew the rectangles from two opposite sides.

The organizer is ready. It remains to drive a couple of nails into the wall and hang it in place.

Other ideas how to make an organizer for the office with their own hands

There are many more ways to make organizers from scrap materials.

For example, for desktop storage, you can use decorated glass and iron cans, boxes. For the wall – plywood, cork board, canvas, old frames and so on. Do not be afraid to show imagination, and then you will see for yourself what beautiful things can be done.

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