How to distinguish the original perfume from a fake

What was the Parisian in the early thirties of the twentieth century? Emancipated and eccentric, shocking and uninhibited. The designer of women’s clothing Nina Ricci has put on a completely opposite image. She began to sew dresses in which charming femininity combined with grace and modern convenience. And this is appreciated by her clients. Founded in 1932 in Paris, the fashion house of Nina Ricci received worldwide fame in 1945. Refined and elegant clothes were valued by women both in the Old World and on the other side of the ocean. But the first perfume from Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps (“The Atmosphere of Time”) was not produced by the founder of the fashion house, but by her son Robert. Then other flavors arose that shook the world of perfumery, such as Love in Paris (Love in Paris), Premier Jour (First Day) and Ricci Ricci. But this article is devoted not to these spirits and especially not to clothes. Our focus is on Nina Richie perfume (Red Apple).

Why two names

This perfume was created to perpetuate the memory of the founder of the fashion house. The official name of the perfume is Nina from Nina Ricci. But the recognizable bottle in the form of a filling paradise fruit with three silver leaves gave rise to another name among the people – “Red Apple”. "Nina Richie" is a brand that uses excellent marketing moves. After releasing the perfume in the form of a red filling apple, the brand’s creators seemed to throw the message of the target audience: “For the sake of these perfumes, Eve would have left paradise.” And yet (for connoisseurs of ancient Greek myths): "This perfume gives Paris only the most beautiful goddess in the world, Aphrodite." The product does not need further advertising, does it? By the way, the aroma of apple is present in the perfume, but is not dominant. As the reviews say, the “main violin” is played by citrus fruits with a floral, exciting smell. Perhaps that is why for many women this fragrance is associated with the New Year.

The history of the perfume Nina from Nina Ricci

The smell was born back in 1987. A special advertising campaign was not carried out then, but the quality product was caught by the buyer and without promotion. Perfume "Nina Richie" ("Red Apple") unexpectedly for the manufacturers themselves have become top. Therefore, in 2006, an updated version of the classic fragrance with the same name was created. His "parents" became masters of their craft, famous perfumers Olivier Polzh and Jacques Cavalier. This time was an advertising campaign. But not her success owes perfume. The public has long been eager for the emergence of something like this – wondrous, fantastic aroma of love. This is a real mystical elixir with a sweetish taste, which instantly takes you to the world of happy dreams. The creators of the product caught the edge when the fragrance separates its owner from the crowd, but is not imposed on others. And, according to reviews, on each woman perfume "sits" in its own way, emphasizing the individual character traits.

Desired temptress

In 2006, thanks to advertising in glossy magazines and on television, everyone learned about Nina perfume. What promise did the movie give? Lush-haired girl in a beautiful dress, making her look like a princess from a fairy tale, stubbornly climbs the tree for the coveted apple. This fruit in all people is associated with temptation, to which it is impossible to resist. You can interpret an excerpt from the Book of Genesis in a different way. Eve and the apple turned out to be more desirable for Adam than all the pleasures of paradise. In short, the advertisement worked, the more so because the scent fully matched it. Everyone fell in love with Red Apple, Nina Richie again became a popular brand. After all, every woman dreams of becoming the Eve, for which the beloved man will do anything. Despite the risk of falling and being expelled from paradise. Yes, and the aroma, say reviews, fall in love with himself. He bears the owner of a positive, charges her with a special, mystical energy.

Red and other apples

It would be a sin not to use the world-famous Red Apple perfume. “Nina Richie” (fashion house) one after another launches new “apples”. At the moment there are nine flankerov flavor, which became a legend. These are “Nina Gold Edishn” (golden bottle), “Love bye Nina” (green apple), “Le Paradis de Nina” (pale lilac), “Nina el Elixir” (red-white), “Pritti Nina” ( bright pink). Since 2011, the house began to produce white "fruits." These are “Nina Snow Princesses” (matte), “Nina Fantasy” (with a color print) and “Cool Nina El Eo”. The latest flanker is the new product of 2014 – “La Tentayshen de Nina” (raspberry flavor in the appropriate bottle). But there are also limited editions! For example, “Nina Prishez Swarovski Edition”, “Nina Princes d’un Zhu” in a red shimmering bottle and the novelties of this year “Nina Edition d’Or” and “Le Delicious de Nina”. By the way, all flankers were created by perfumer Oliver Cresp.

Who is the fragrance for?

But no subsequent variation has received that glory, which was awarded the very first – red – "Yabloko". “Nina Richie” could not surpass her creation even in limited editions for spoiled clients. Indeed, in the perfumes are not important Swarovski crystals, and fragrance. What is the secret of the success of the classic "Nina"? Spirits were focused on young girls who are not afraid to dream and put their dreams into reality. They give women confidence, make them reach their potential and dare. Therefore, the perfume has gone beyond its target audience. As they say reviews, perfume is suitable not only for young girls. Mature ladies from also coming. The main thing is to be in a good mood. Then this spark of youth, the charm of Aphrodite and the seductiveness of Eve will come by themselves.

"Nina Richie" ("Red Apple"): description of the fragrance by manufacturers

This is a magical composition, endowed with the power of temptation and the promises of a miracle. It opens with juicy, refreshing and slightly sour notes. This is the sound of lime and Calabrian lemon, the sharpness of which softens a ripe, liquid, red apple. Over time, notes of the heart begin to appear. On the stage gentle petals of peony and vanilla, refreshed by a sharp chord of a moon flower, come out. Perfume "Nina Richie" ("Red Apple") have a long vibrating train. It shows the aromas of cotton musk, white Virginia cedar and freshly sawn apple wood. Thanks to this set, the base notes last a long time on the skin. How does the fragrance unfold? At first, it refreshes with a perky young citrus fresh frame. Then he warms with a hint of New Year’s sweets – apples in caramel, praline sweets. And, finally, casts bliss with its mystical and languid basic sound.

"Nina Richie" ("Red Apple"): description from consumers

Well, what do not feel professional, but still very sensitive noses of girls and women? Reviews of the pyramid of smells "Nina" from Ricci are not much different from the description of the producers of perfumes. Some do not feel the apple in the top note – only the refreshing aroma of citrus. True, instead of Calabrian orange and lime, some seem to be bitter grapefruit. What do consumers hear in the note of the heart of the perfume "Nina Richie" ("Red Apple")? Aroma description reviews characterize words with symbols and associations. And on everyone’s lips: "New Year!" The association is quite understandable. Against the background of the fading citrus aroma, the smell of apples baked with cinnamon and whipped cream and chocolate candies clearly emerges. The aura of the holiday only emphasize the woody notes in the base. It seems that you are meeting the New Year at the burning fireplace: there are gifts and flowers all around, there is snow and frost on the street, and there is warmth in the room and in the soul … And my head is spinning from happiness.

How to distinguish the original perfume from a fake

Not the last role in the popularity of the fragrance played spectacular and original bottle. Eau de toilette "Nina Richie" ("Red Apple") is poured into a container in the form of a ripe paradise fruit. Above, at the cap, it is surrounded by three silver leaves – two together and one, the smallest, separately. The bottle is made of matte bright red color. Especially beautiful are the bottles in the gift set. Two small "apples" are so similar to the Christmas toys that I just want to hang them on the Christmas tree. Such a set for fifty euros is sold – this is the average price in duty free shops. And the bottles of 50 and 80 ml are packed in cardboard boxes with a ribbed pattern. Note that the "Red Apple" does not have a volume of one hundred milliliters, which is not true of the Nina flanks of other colors.

How to distinguish a fake?

This question is asked by many women who want to get Nina Richie (Red Apple) toilet water. Photo perfume can not, unfortunately, convey all the subtleties of design. And therefore we will tell how to distinguish the original from the falsification. First, the box. It should be clearly visible ribbed pattern. On the back of the package is a batch number. Naturally, the code should correspond to the country of origin – France. If you look at the bottle, then the counterfeit apple is created from glass of a more saturated color, so that the inside of the tube is not visible. But at a fake visible sprinkler spring, which is unacceptable in the original. In these perfumes, all the small details of the design are made with high quality. The cap sits tightly. The leaves also do not hang out. On the middle of them is visible the inscription "Nina Ricci". And, finally, the price and place of purchase. Well, you can not buy quality perfumes for the price of deodorant. The average price for toilet water is three thousand rubles for 80 milliliters, 2500 – for 50 ml and 1700 for 30 ml.

Who is the perfume

Do not blindly rely on the words of the manufacturer that only for young and dreamy girls created toilet water "Nina Richie" ("Red Apple"). Reviews equally consider the flavor of both youth and mature. Musk and cedar entering the pyramid of smells make the perfume deep and exciting. And the subtle aroma of caramelized apples, which is associated with the warmth of the hearth, attracts single men. So the perfume is suitable for all ages. Here something else is important: perfume should be worn only to those individuals who have a spark in their eyes. On cold, sleek ladies, as well as on sluggish, dull women and girls, perfume won’t last long. The fragrance "Nina Richie" ("Red Apple") is chosen by lovers of sweet smells. However, the composition is not cloying at all. Citrus coolness and tenderness of apple smell perfectly harmonize with something sweet that resembles praline and caramel with cream. In a word, vanilla in the pyramid of aromas is only guessed.

When to wear

These are truly universal women’s perfumes. "Nina Richie" ("Red Apple") reviews urge to use before going to work in the office, at a youth party, a romantic date, at a party. The fragrance is equally suitable for casual clothes, flirty dress, business suit. As for the season, then opinions are divided. Some say that the perfume will be most welcome in the warm season. Others insist that it is more appropriate to apply a cozy and sweet scent on slushy autumn evenings and frosty winter days. There are also such reviews that claim that "Nina" is an exclusively Christmas-New Year scent. In any case, all users agree that on a hot day the scent does not stifle, does not impose, but, on the contrary, refreshes with a citrus fresh juice. And in the cold, warmed by the warmth of the body, it exudes a gentle sweetness and casts thoughts of comfort.

Other qualities

Perfume "Nina Richie" ("Red Apple") reviews called surprisingly resistant. It is very beautifully revealed. At first, you smell the smell of lime and moon flowers, and then a juicy apple. Surrounding feel exciting seductive plume of white musk and cedar. At the end of the day, a light citrus scent remains on the skin, softened by caramel. On the hair, say reviews, perfume hold until you wash your hair. On clothes – until you wash it. Many women think that the dope, neroli, or other aphrodisiacs are used in the pyramid, since men are beginning to pay close attention to them. In fact, spirits simply give confidence and help Eva’s beautiful daughter to feel her magic.

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