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We correct the shape of the chin with fillers: we return the “youth line”, we remove the asymmetry

The chin is the “system-forming” part of the face, its clear lines help the face to look fresh and youthful, which is why the jaw line is called the “youth line”. He draws a line of youth, or rather, literally sculpts with his own hands a specialist, so for this procedure it is so important to choose an experienced and proven doctor.

Over the years, the cheeks sag a little, and the face becomes like a square – in this case, the contour plastic of the chin will return the young oval of the face to the “heart”. As time progresses, asymmetry of the jaw may develop due to the habit of chewing on one side, fillers are able to return symmetry. Or the chin is initially unexpressed and small, and you want to do more, fill with volume. If he is massive, courageous or overly pointed, you can soften the contours. And sometimes you just need to remove a dimple, which, although it seems to everyone is sweet, does not bring any pleasure to its owner. So – how to create a beautiful chin?

How is everything going?

The procedure of contour plastics is short and safe. A gel-like preparation is injected deep under the skin. Success depends on the even distribution of the filler, so the doctor makes a special massage of the chin, sculpting and shaping its desired shape. All manipulations are carried out under local anesthesia and last no more than an hour.

The rehabilitation period passes without serious discomfort. The rules of care for the chin are simple and do not violate the usual way of life. The effect is noticeable during the year, after which the injection can be repeated.

The exact line of the jaw is always beautiful and fashionable. And the perfect result is worth trying for it. When the procedure ends, you will see that there is no trace of imperfections. You just need to get used to your flawless image.

Design with the help of fillers is a good way to solve many problems without resorting to surgery. But let’s say right away that only a doctor can choose the necessary type of aesthetic intervention. To correct pronounced deficiencies, surgery may be required. Therefore, after reading the material, we recommend that you first sign up for a consultation at the Ella clinic, where you will quickly and professionally select the ideal set of measures.

About clinic Ella

Clinic Ella – This is the result of many years of work of a plastic surgeon, Dr. Shapir, the embodiment of his view of modern life, in which youth, health and satisfaction with his appearance are the natural state of a person. Experience in plastic surgery allowed Dr. Shapir to understand the principles and develop methods for non-surgical rejuvenation techniques.

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From the moment of entering the clinic throughout the entire course of treatment until obtaining the desired result, the senior doctors of the clinic accompany the client personally and provide answers to any questions.

All procedures are performed by recognized and well-known in the country doctors specializing in aesthetic medicine, ensuring uncompromising quality and professionalism in accordance with strict international standards.

All treatments use innovative and advanced technologies of the world of aesthetic medicine and are based on the highest quality formulas and preparations approved by the FDA and CE.

For all questions related to aesthetic medicine, you will be answered by calling the clinic. Ella 03-6341785.

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