Cosmetics on the plane

There are cases when the cleaning products available at home cannot cope with the removal of stains on your favorite blouse or bring a men’s suit into a noble look. In this case, help come dry cleaning services, which are now quite a lot.

Cosmetics on the plane

Basic dry cleaning services

The main dry cleaning services include:

  • cleaning textiles;
  • cleaning leather, fur, suede things;
  • cleaning carpets, rugs, bedspreads, pillows;
  • cleaning soft toys;
  • dry cleaning;
  • laundry service and tailor.

Cosmetics on the plane

Handing over dry cleaning, we want to get back the perfectly clean thing in perfect condition. But sometimes it happens with the exact opposite. Therefore, it is very important to know how the relationship between the client and the dry cleaner is regulated.

What you need to know, handing things in the dry cleaning

First of all, when putting things in dry cleaning, you must give a receipt, which must contain the following information:

  • legal address of the company;
  • your data: surname and initials, phone number, address;
  • type of service provided;
  • information about the product: its appearance, color, composition, completeness, accessories, the presence of damage and defects;
  • date of acceptance of the order and the time of its execution;
  • price for the service.

The contractor is responsible for the proper use and safety of things. Therefore, be sure to carefully read the contents of the receipt, which can be indicated all the information about the possible consequences of dry cleaning. You have the right to decide whether to agree with this or not and whether to give the thing to dry cleaning. Indeed, in this case, when you were warned about possible damages during cleaning, you will not be able to make a claim after receiving the damaged item. However, it should be remembered that if you were warned about an unstable dye, and return the torn thing, then in this case dry cleaning is responsible for your thing.

Check the description of the item that you are dry cleaning. The following formulations are commonly used in receipts: road dirt, general pollution, creases, scuffs, and

What to do if dry cleaning lost or spoiled things

If the dry-cleaner has lost your items, then she is obliged to replace the item with another of the same quality within 3 days or to reimburse the client for twice the price of the lost item, as well as all expenses incurred by the client. The most common is the second option. Therefore, it is necessary to provide checks that prove the value of the lost item. If there are no checks, you can get a conclusion about the average market price for this product in the Bureau of Expertise.

If you pick up a thing from a dry-cleaner and find damage, it will be necessary to draw up a bilateral act, where all the detected damage is indicated. If dry cleaning is denied to you in drawing up such an act, then immediately contact the regulatory authorities, as this is a violation of the rules of public services of the population. In this case, the thing still needs to be left in the dry cleaner and send a claim there with an indication of all defects, which is handed on receipt of receipt, or you can send it by mail with a letter of acknowledgment of receipt. It is not recommended to take the thing without a written fixation of damage.

If, nevertheless, it wasn’t possible to solve the problem peacefully and you have to go to court, then it’s better to involve the seller or the manufacturer in the case This is especially doable if the thing is new enough and there are checks for it. If dry cleaning tries to prove that the thing was of poor quality, then it is in the seller’s interest to act on your side, otherwise you can make a complaint to him.

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